White Magic Celebration

Every year, when the first snowfalls start, a great festival is held to revive good wishes for the imminent ski season.

As soon as the mountains are covered in white, San Carlos de Bariloche launches its Snow Festival with a schedule of well-varied activities both at Mount Catedral and at the emblematic Civic Center. For several days, residents offer attractions related to sport and recreational winter activities. During one of our visits to the district, we joined the entertainment and enjoyed everything ski means at the main winter center in the country.

One of the first events was the waiters and waitresses race, which took place on Mitre Street, in the heart of town. Wearing their typical outfit, they confidently went down Rolando Street carrying their trays full of glasses and bottles.

More than a race, this is a way to who the skills of the visible faces of local gastronomy. "The way down the street was hard, because of the wind", commented one of the waiters as he reached the finish line amidst a crowd that was cheering his victory.

  • We enjoyed that thrilling moment

    We enjoyed that thrilling moment

  • The Queens

    The Queens

  • The lumberjack contest

    The lumberjack contest

  • Queen and princesses

    Queen and princesses

On the second day, the main activity was held at Mount Catedral, which featured little snow at its base. Ski enthusiasts made up a colorful set with their shocking outfits and hats. Music and joy completed the atmosphere. We visited several stores where information about the different services, equipment rental -including skis and snowboards- was available. Connoisseurs are always looking for new materials, safer elements but also new designs and patterns in the best European style.

When the sun set, it was time for the torch downhill parade: a coordinated line of instructors from the ski schools skied slowly down to the base of the mountain and finally placed their torches in a huge bonfire. We enjoyed that thrilling moment and the end of a day with low temperatures but filled with the warm enthusiasm for the mountain.

Musical shows were present at every moment during the weekend. Tango, rock and roll, folklore and dancing were performed by new musicians and well-known bands. The election of the queen took place at the main stage in the Civic Center on Saturday night. The winner occupied her float during the farewell parade.

Several participants of different ages had signed up to participate in the lumberjack contest eager to show off their skill to work wood with their axes. They managed to cut a strong log in two parts in a matter of minutes. The local attendants specially cheered up the winners of former issues. “Strength or skill?” was the most popular question. “Skill, of course, and an ax in good condition”, replied one contestant.

All throughout the four days, we shared sunshine, cloudy skies and some strong winds. In spite of that, the audience never abandoned the venue and gave a special glow to the Snow Festival, which ended with fireworks. At the mountain, atmospheric conditions rule. We, on the other hand, joined in the good omens.

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