Hiking Tour to Laguna Verde and Mirador Pedregoso

We explored another possibility offered by Neumeyer Shelter: a hiking tour to Laguna Verde and Mirador Pedregoso.

It seemed as if there was always something else to do at Neumeyer Shelter. We had reached this refuge, lying almost 20 kilometers away from Bariloche in order to see and explore a practically unspoiled area in Patagonia. The shelter is part of Nahuel Huapi National Park in Chalhuaco Valley.

We resolved to hire the services of a guide, who would lead us around and provide information about what we were about to see. We took one of the very well sign-posted trails with colors starting to the right of the building. The plan was to go on a one-hour hike to Laguna Verde (the Green Pond) and, a little bit farther, to Mirador Pedregoso (the Rocky Viewpoint), which features a great view of the entire area.

At first, we found some steep slopes, but we did not wish to waste all our efforts so early. Holding a quiet and steady pace, we got along without any inconvenience. The trail would cross areas populated by various vegetable species, such as lengas.

  • A hiking tour to Laguna Verde

    A hiking tour to Laguna Verde

  • A beautiful lagoon

    A beautiful lagoon

  • Mirador Pedregoso

    Mirador Pedregoso

Hanging from the tree branches, we could see what the guide called Old Man’s Beard, a kind of lichen that grows only where there is plenty of oxygen and there is no trace of pollution. We could also observe the track left by woodpeckers while catching worms: they perforate the tree barks.

We continued walking and suddenly noticed the forest was opening up. After crossing a marshland, we got to Laguna Verde. This fine-looking pond lies almost at the end of the circuit.

We knew that it is very important not to disturb the waters. Swimming is not allowed. The pond is the habitat of the so-called Chalhuaco toad, a species discovered in 1973, which only lives in this valley and nowhere else. As these are very vulnerable animals, they must be preserved.

We made a stop by the water to have a short rest. Then, we continued walking. Farther ahead, we got to Mirador Pedregoso. We were soon there.

It features an impressive sight. We could spot Lake Nahuel Huapi, the City of Bariloche and much farther. It is completely worth a visit.

After enjoying the show for a while and trying to capture it in a photograph, we turned around and retraced our steps towards the shelter. We were sure that a delicious meal and many other sites to visit were waiting for us there.

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