From Bariloche to Puerto Varas across the Lakes

The journey from Bariloche to Puerto Varas is an invitation to the adventure of crossing the Andes from Argentina onto Chile. It combines land stretches and lake navigation.

This is one of the most attractive tours in Argentinian-Chilean Patagonia, as the Andes are crossed in order to join the Cities of Bariloche and Puerto Varas in a journey that includes five land and three lake destinations.

This is an all-day tour and there is a chance to spend the night at the coquettish Chilean District of Peulla in order to enjoy all adventure travel activities available in that location.

But in order to start this crossing, travelers must get up early: the tour starts at 7 in the morning at Puerto Pañuelo, Bariloche. The catamaran that crosses Lake Nahuel Huapi towards Puerto Blest is moored at this spot.

  • A stunning landscape

    A stunning landscape

  • Petrohué, Chile

    Petrohué, Chile

  • An unforgettable adventure

    An unforgettable adventure

  • Monte Tronador

    Monte Tronador

  • Argentinian-Chilean Patagonia

    Argentinian-Chilean Patagonia

  • Osorno volcano

    Osorno volcano

  • Puerto Varas

    Puerto Varas

One of the most captivating aspects of this journey is that it provides travelers the chance to grasp a general panorama of Argentinian-Chilean Patagonia, enjoy the scenes and also the local cuisine.

Once at Puerto Blest, the entire group lands and gets on a bus heading for Puerto Alegre, where they will get on board again in order to cross exquisite Lake Frías and reach the next port.

At one point, it will be necessary for passengers to get off the bus and make all the corresponding proceedings at the migrations office and the Chilean Customs Office. Back on the bus (already on Chilean ground), the journey continues for two hours up to the City of Peulla, a small district where visitors may stay for one night and practice some adventure sports.

We recommend that travelers take enough time at Peulla to see Lake Todos los Santos, located inside Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. This is an ideal spot to have lunch in the open air and observe the landscape without haste.

After lunch, the group gets together again to get on board a catamaran and sail the waters of Lake Todos los Santos, which features an imposing view of the Osorno Volcano and its summit crowned with eternal ice.

In addition to the above-mentioned attractions, one more singular detail about this tour is that it joins two of the most extraordinary national parks in the world: Nahuel Huapi and Vicente Pérez Rosales. A highly recommendable tour any visitor to Patagonia may have the pleasure to enjoy.

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Mitre 219 (8400) San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro

Tel: +54 294-4426109

Bear in mindBear in mind: The boats leave from the port of Bariloche or from Puerto Pañuelo, which is reached along National Route 237, to the west. After this tour, make the lake crossing to Chile.
ONLY boats depart from Puerto Pañuelo, which is 25 km from downtown Bariloche, along Av. Bustillo.


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