Snow Festival in Bariloche

Location: Cerro Catedral y Centro Cívico, Mitre e Independencia
Date: From 07/29/2017 - Thru 08/06/2017

This event has become a classic in Bariloche for two reasons: it is suitable for the entire family and it generates optimism and good vibes when the winter comes.

During the last decade, San Carlos de Bariloche and its ski resort have been celebrating the Snow Festival, which coincides with the beginning of the winter activities. For four days, no expense is spared and both locals and tourists take part in a program that includes all kinds of attractions.

The waiters and waitresses race, the lumberjack contest, the downhill torch parade and the election of the queen are some of the most stunning moments of the celebration. The main ingredient is that omens about the snowfalls and the tourists that will come and enjoy this fabulous destination are shared among the attendants.

The downtown streets get crowded with people that go around the stages where the performances take place, at the same time they enjoy some hot chocolate or shop at specialized stores. Thus, a relaxed and joyful atmosphere starts to spread all around.

  • Party at the Cathedral Hill

    Party at the Cathedral Hill

  • Election of the Queen

    Election of the Queen

  • Fireworks


  • Caravan zigzagging skiers

    Caravan zigzagging skiers

Mount Catedral awakes, the lifts engines start and the official opening takes place. In the evening, the school instructors provide an extraordinary show: they slide slowly downhill on their boards carrying burning torches. A huge "S" is seen from the base as the music accompanies that memorable moment.

As this is the oldest ski resort and the one with the largest skiable surface in the country, and featuring imposing views from all heights, countless enthusiasts arrive from distant places to enjoy this venue. Conversations revolve around the height, the sliding power of the snow and the best descent everyone remembers from former days. Words like "free style" and "free ride" and the after ski recreation venues in vogue are heard everywhere.

When the winter period launching comes to an end, the float parade, the musical shows in the Civic Center and the fireworks dazzle everybody. Goodbye will last until the next Snow Festival.

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