Cerro Otto Cable Car Resort

Those who venture into the "red manzanitas" discover incredible landscapes of the Argentine Patagonia. It is one of the classic Bariloche excursions.
The Cerro Otto Cable Car complex is enjoyed at any time of the year. Each season is a sample of the benefits of nature. Forests, mountains, water mirrors and skies that blend in are the magical setting for the best photographs within the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

A traditional walk
Access to the Otto hill is very simple, perhaps that is why it is one of the preferred walks. With your own or rented vehicle you can reach the two routes that are born in the center, Av. Bustillo and Av. De los Pioneros. The company also provides free transfer from the city center, by bus with regular frequency.

The gondolas cover 2100 m from the Lower Station to the Upper Station. The rotating confectionery at its top is very characteristic of the postcards of the region. From the platform of the complex it is very easy to understand how the panorama that is observed dazzled Don Boris Furman, back in the 60s, creator of the Sara María Furman Foundation, the owner of the tourist complex. This man who fell in love with the Otto hill had a supportive spirit, so the foundation means not only the enjoyment of this walk, but also the donation of the utilities in equal parts to the Zonal Hospital of Bariloche and two entities with social purposes of the community Bean from Buenos Aires.
  • An incredible landscape

    An incredible landscape

  • In contact with the snow

    In contact with the snow

  • The sled track

    The sled track

  • The Funicular of the summit

    The Funicular of the summit

  • The art gallery

    The art gallery

  • It is enjoyed at any time of the year

    It is enjoyed at any time of the year

  • It is enjoyed at any time of the year

    It is enjoyed at any time of the year

The complex offers several activities to spend the day. Inside, the Art Gallery exhibits exact copies of El David, La Piedad and El Moisés, works by the artist Miguel Ángel Buonarroti, and photographs of sketches and paintings by the brilliant artist. The Otto House Music room opens its doors for events aimed at student tourism and a micro-cinema projects regional documentaries and the history of the cable car.

The confectionery that rotates in a radius of 360 ° is the place of forced stop for lunch or replenish energies with a coffee or chocolate cake. From the panoramic deck you can see the Patagonian steppe, the Ñireco, Carbón and Ventana hills and the urban area of ​​San Carlos de Bariloche. There you can also take a break and capture spectacular images.

The winter in Bariloche is the contact with the snow and in the complex you can enjoy it in a very accessible way. Sledding is very fun, especially when traveling with children, and snowshoeing are amazing options for those who want to get into the magic of snowy forests. Mountain activities have an added value: the Summit Funicular. To return to the starting point of the sled tracks or the Otto Kart, this comfortable transport facilitates the ascent and people take much more advantage of the winter activities offered by the Otto hill.

In warmer times, you can enjoy the walks along the Otto trails, contemplate the great geography of Nahuel Huapi National Park and take an experience like no other. The path to Habsburg Stone is a contemplative walk to meet nature and discover another possibility of reaching the top of the Otto hill.

In a few minutes you can access one of the most spectacular views of Bariloche. The Cerro Otto Cable Car is a ride to take advantage of in the vicinity of the city and enjoy adventure, culture and nature.

Miriam Coronel / Welcomeargentina.com

Useful Data

Opening hours: Open hours change from winter to summer. It all depends on the daylight hours.

Bear in mind: Two ways of reaching the top of the mount:
On board the cable car. The station lies at the 5th kilometer marker on De los Pioneros Avenue. The rate includes access to the resort on the summit. The tour takes 12 minutes. It is the only accessible lift in the winter.

By car, starting at the 1st kilometer marker on De los Pioneros Avenue. The ride takes 9 kilometers uphill along a gravel road surrounded by woodlands. The ski trail Piedras Blancas lies on the way. Access fee to the resort is paid at the moment of taking the funicular to the top.


Teleférico Cerro Otto
Av de los Pioneros Km 5, (8400) , San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro
Tel: +54 294-4441035


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