Lake Tour on the Nahuel Huapi

Lake Nahuel Huapi looks different from a sailing boat. We went on an excursion to Victoria Island and the Quetrihué Peninsula, to fish and enjoy the scenery.

We had toured around Bariloche and its surroundings, visited its beaches, gone on various excursions and now we wished to see the area from a different perspective. A sunny Sunday morning we got ready to go sailing on the Nahuel Huapi towards Victoria Island and the Quetrihué Peninsula.

We set out very early from Puerto Pañuelo. The Bonita, our boat, was already waiting for us, prepared to set sail. The main sail was unfolded and we headed towards Victoria Island.

Traveling on a sailing boat is second to none and the feeling is hard to describe for those who have never experienced it. We would move on the waters as we were possessed by the silence on the Nahuel Huapi. There were practically no waves, though the wind was strong enough to move the boat without any need to start the engine.

  • Different from a sailing boat

    Different from a sailing boat

  • A special landscape

    A special landscape

  • Imposing Nahuel Huapi

    Imposing Nahuel Huapi

  • A unique color

    A unique color

  • Paradisaic


  • Beautiful day lived

    Beautiful day lived

As we reached our first destination, Victoria Island, we got our fishing rods, our boxes and flies ready to do some trolling on the way. Some passengers were lucky, some were not. Nevertheless, we still had a long day ahead.

Very soon, the skipper said we were about to land. Passengers could keep on fishing from the shore, but we resolved to stroll around a little bit. The island treasures nooks of extreme beauty and various vestiges of the natives who dwelled on it long ago.

As we returned from our tour, we found the crew of the Bonita acting as chefs and preparing a tray of assorted smoked products for lunch, which we accompanied with some red wine.

Once we had eaten, we returned to the Bonita and headed for Port Quetrihué, where there is a thick myrtle-tree forest.

We got on the RIB and continued fishing. The flies were ready so action started. We were lucky to catch something this time. Celebrations continued when we went back on the boat.

The sun was setting when we started our way back to Puerto Pañuelo. To crown the wonderful day we had just spent, we opened a bottle of champagne and made a toast all together.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Jorge González


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