Nahuelito Park and Dinosaurs

While touring around Bariloche, we discovered a venue where it is possible to learn something more about a topic that fascinates children: the time when dinosaurs lived on our planet millions of years ago.

We spotted Nahuelito Theme Park easily in a quiet neighborhood inside the Circuito Chico area as we were going towards Colonia Suiza. As we crossed the access gate, the figure of a gnome sitting on a log with all its belongings welcomed us. Our children took lots of photographs and asked about the reason for the presence of this character at that location. We would decipher it during our visit.

We chose the perfect day for an outdoor tour. It was fresh and ideal to walk along the trail inside the native forest. We were in the hands of the guide, willing to enjoy the site.

As we moved on along the well sign-posted trail, some dinosaurs sometimes appeared from above the canopies as if to say hello or some other times they were seen in their own environment. They had been very well managed. Their faces showed fierceness and simplicity of movement.

  • Prehistoric beings

    Prehistoric beings

  • In their own environment

    In their own environment

  • Natural size

    Natural size

  • A magical site

    A magical site

  • Walking in the footsteps of the past

    Walking in the footsteps of the past

  • Elves in the forest

    Elves in the forest

  • Replicas incredible realism

    Replicas incredible realism

We spotted a small dinosaur with the same features as famous Nahuelito. We were told a legend from Bariloche about a monster in Lake Nahuel Huapi seen on several occasions. The subject was intriguing, as some people assured they had seen the creature’s back on the surface of the lake and others would deny this version.

There is one thing in common between dinosaurs and Nahuelito: they represent enigmatic topics. Skeletons of the former found all around the planet confirm that they existed. Nahuelito, instead, has refused to show itself openly and those who assert they have seen it have no proof whatsoever.

Thus, in a clear and amusing way, we learned about the different kinds of dinosaur as we observed the life-size sculptures. A giant poster hanging among the trees showed us the Geologic Eras and the prehistoric species that lived during each period.

As easily as going along the path, our children incorporated the comments and, in turn, made questions to verify what they had understood. Every now and then, a new elf showed itself in some tree hole.

As the path went up and down, we gradually unraveled the names of the dinosaurs appearing before us. We felt that it was a real yet unknown world combined with a kingdom of fantasy. The children were jumping from one figure to the next.

At the end of the tour, we found a clearing where several life-size dinosaur sculptures co-existed. As we saw them altogether, we became aware of the differences in structure and size among them.

Some dinosaurs used to be skilled runners. Their short arms would provide the right balance with respect to their strong fast legs. Scavengers had a well-developed jaw and their wide open mouths would reveal powerful teeth. The largest specimen was the replica of the Tyrannosaurus Rex found in the State of Montana, in the United States of America.

A shark with a huge body and a small head had been placed in the lagoon to show that a prehistoric aquatic world once existed. All the sculptures were made by professionals from Villa El Chocón, who combined science and art in order to manage the exact reproduction of each.

Beautiful Minds

As a result of the explanations and the excellent reproductions, we had a clear idea of this world, though there were some mysteries left as far as dinosaurs were concerned. Our children admired the dinosaurs as much as the world of witches and fairies hidden behind every tree branch and suggested by the guide.

Once the ride was over, we continued making up stories with horror and fantasy elements at the coffee-shop. “Dad, as soon as we get to the cabin, I will make a drawing of everything we saw”, was our youngest son’s promise.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

Tour typeTour type: Contemplative

Opening hoursOpening hours: Open during the day. Guided tours last 45 minutes.

How to get hereHow to get here: Bustillo Avenue, 24,500 kilometer marker, Circuito Chico – Barrio Las Cartas

Bear in mindBear in mind: An admission ticket is charged.


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