“Asociación Paleontológica Bariloche” Museum

At the corner of Av. 12 de Octubre and Sarmiento, on the coast of Lake Nahuel Huapi, you will find the Paleontology Museum of Bariloche, which has numerous fossils from this region.

This museum was created by Asociación Paleontologica Bariloche, a group of experts in paleontology who aim at the monitoring and preservation of fossils from this region, in particular the north-west part of Patagonia in Argentina.

You will have the opportunity to observe a reconstructed shark shaw from the Terciary era dating from circa 22 million years ago, as well as numerous insects, amphibians and plants, and a collection of fossils which show the exhuberant variety of flora and fauna that inhabited this region.

If you follow the order of the glass cases, which have an explanatory file with information about the period and origin of the deposit, you will see from 300 million years old fossils to organisms similar to the present ones.

  • Ichthyosaur


  • Fish fossil

    Fish fossil

  • Preservation of fossils from this region

    Preservation of fossils from this region

  • 300 million years old fossils

    300 million years old fossils

The Archaeopterix had the size of a crow and feathers like birds, but kept its reptile characteristics such as jaws with teeth and a long tail.

You will also see a dinosaur that lived in the area of Cinco Saltos in the Upper Cretacean period some 90 mllion years ago, which was only 1.50 meters long.

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Opening hoursOpening hours: Mondays thru Saturdays from 4pm to 7pm. Access free of charge.


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