Tourism in Río Negro

Llao Llao Hotel - Bariloche (photo: Jorge González)

Llao Llao Hotel - Bariloche (photo: Jorge González)

The Province of Río Negro occupies an ample corridor in southern Argentina. It stands between the Andes Mountain Range, located on the West, and the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, lying on the East. Both ends feature different geographical traits. However, they are extremely popular due to their relevant tourist destinations.

The mountain range area comprises a lake zone framed by mountains and forests of native species boasting spectacular scenes. As a result of its location in the Andean zone, but also as a consequence of the vision of its first settlers, who turned their town into a tourist center par excellence, San Carlos de Bariloche is a leading city. Tourists activities boom both in the summer and the winter. Each of them has its followers, no matter the age or social condition. Likewise, popular festivals such as those celebrating snow, chocolate, curanto, communities, Adventure Week, and the like, provide a special glow to this metropolis.

The coast of Río Negro is bathed by the Atlantic and becomes alive every Summer when the sun lures visitors to its huge beaches to also enjoy nautical activities and fishing. Small beaches stand next to one another and they all welcome more and more visitors year after year, who are tempted by their warm waters. Las Grutas is famous for its typical characteristics as well as for its connective road network.

To the north, the province borders on the Limay, Neuquén and Colorado Rivers. The latter runs parallel to the Negro River across the valleys (upper, medium and lower). This is a highly important area for local economy as its fruit products are exported to the world.

Last but not least, the contrasting central region of the steppe presents interesting ravines amidst volcanoes and hills, creeks and temporary ponds. Its paleontological and archeological heritage stands out.

Featured Attractions

Mount Catedral

Cerro Catedral, lying just 20 kilometers from the City of Bariloche, opens its gates with the first snowfalls for visitors eager to experience the adventure promised by ski and winter sports.

Reaching 1,030 meters above sea level, Mount Catedral seems to have the intention to join the ground and the sky.

A pioneer in South America, today it is the most complete ski resort in the country and it continues updating its facilities in order to offer visitors the most advanced infrastructure.

To the north of Las Grutas

In the summer, Las Grutas is a place to enjoy the beach, the sun and entertaining events available at different areas on the various beaches. Besides, it is the starting point for an interesting tour whose final destination is San Antonio Oeste.

Our vacations in January were coming to an end. Having participated in the festival known as Fiesta Nacional del Golfo Azul and its typical popular "salmonada" served in the streets, we resolved to reach the shore of San Antonio Oeste the next day.

Handcraft Fair

In El Bolsón you can enjoy an intense shopping day in one of the most important handcraft fairs in South America. We invite you to see this clear cultural exponent of the "parallel 42 degree Andean shire".

Visitors take the color of craftsmen and these merge into the color of the landscape. Everything is beholding and fascination. The smell of incense and aromatic candles shrouded me in the vertigo of the fair. My senses trigger out in all directions, accompanying the addictive frenzy of the ritual that has been celebrated for more than thirty years.

Río Negro map

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