Bariloche after the Ashes

After a short time, the days on which the volcanic ash invaded the air were left behind and the streets and the surroundings of Bariloche have gone back to their normal wonderful looks.

When the ash cloud left the material originated in the Chilean volcano located in the Caulle Mountain Range on the streets and roofs of the City of San Carlos de Bariloche, everything seemed dark. Every time the local winds blew from the west or southwest, they carried a thin ashy powder, sand and pumice stone, which were deposited on the surface. This created a huge impact. However, the population reacted. They were trained by specialized technicians and set hands to work in order to find a way out.

According to what we were told, it was thrilling to see how the neighbors themselves, brandishing their brooms, spades and wheelbarrows, cleaned houses and streets to prevent the ashes from accumulating.

Afterwards, water and environmental studies were carried out in order to prove that the particles suspended in the air and water were not dangerous. Likewise, nature slowly cleaned the area too, as the rain and wind contributed to completely eliminate that material.

  • Sand and pumice stone

    Sand and pumice stone

  • Beneficial for vegetation

    Beneficial for vegetation

  • The natural charms of the Patagonian mountain range

    The natural charms of the Patagonian mountain range

  • Traces of eruption

    Traces of eruption

Once again, the idea that Nature is wise and is constantly amazing us with its lessons came up. This phenomenon that takes place during volcanic activity is not an exception. This is something men do not manage to see as normal during their short life.

Today, the city looks as always and the successful winter season gave evidence of the recovery. Communication was necessary to banish inaccurate concepts and events that were supported by the central government were carried out to show the great change.

We had a chat with a park ranger that gave us a more precise idea of what happens throughout the vast Nahuel Huapi National Park. In some distant areas inside the park, caution is required because there may still be remains of ashes that have not been buried. Visitors should assess eye and breathing disorders as if dust were suspended in the air.

For Every One Lost, Ten More Appear

It was determined that volcanic action is as natural as flooding or drought and we must know how to face this situation and to accept that this is not a catastrophic event. In fact, the national park was never closed and the behavior of the woods implies that the elements that compose the ash are beneficial for vegetation.

We confirmed the abovementioned with words given by a researcher from CONICET and member of the environmental studies group from Universidad Nacional del Comahue Gustavo Villarosa. He asserts that: “The main problem of volcanic activity is ignorance about the natural phenomenon, which is not exceptional but normal within the geological processes in the region”.

Conclusion: if we get timely information, we can keep on admiring the natural charms of the Patagonian mountain range, especially in the amazing City of Bariloche. And then there was light.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio


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