Elegant Hotel Llao Llao

Hotel Llao Llao appears in the most famous first-class international hotel directories. We visited the venue, toured around each section and confirmed its well-deserved prestige.

On the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, standing on a hill, Hotel Llao Llao looks imposing and almost impassable for those who are not staying at its facilities. Inside, its history and the coziness of its spaces are highly praised.

From the access through the Bustillo Building, everything was glow and refined. In the immensity of the main hall, an open fireplace awaited and we let ourselves sink in its comfortable armchairs.
Afterwards, in the friendly company of the hotel staff, we enjoyed each of the sections. We recognized its warm decoration, upholstery and ceiling featuring large wooden beams.

We went through its sitting-rooms and convention rooms, where large windows prevailed, as well as excellent curtains and cypress wood details. Across the glass, the unspoiled nature outside would mingle perfectly with the ornaments inside.

  • Its spacious dining rooms

    Its spacious dining rooms

  • An elegant hotel

    An elegant hotel

  • Warm decoration, upholstery

    Warm decoration, upholstery

  • The exquisitely designed carpets

    The exquisitely designed carpets

  • Ceiling featuring large wooden beams

    Ceiling featuring large wooden beams

  • Its manicured gardens

    Its manicured gardens

  • The emblematic hotel in Bariloche

    The emblematic hotel in Bariloche

Our room was located in the Moreno Wing. Everything had been particularly taken care of to ensure a comfortable stay. At sunset, the gym welcomed us with cutting-edge exercise equipment and we compensated the effort with a dive in the swimming-pool.

We wished to hear about the beginnings of the hotel and we obtained some details about its history. We learned that a very significant change took place in the mountain village while Mr. Ezequiel Bustillo headed the Administration of National Parks.

Bariloche was becoming a tourist destination and it was thought that it should offer excellence in accommodation venues in order to lure foreign tourists. Architect Alejandro Bustillo was in charge of the Hotel Llao Llao project, which was inaugurated in 1938.

As far as its construction is concerned, stone and logs prevailed along with Patagonian cypress wood tiles, noble materials in the area. A year after its inauguration, a fire burned down the hotel and it was opened again in 1940.

In this occasion, more modern materials were used: masonry, concrete, green stone and Norman tile roofs. But there was still one surprise awaiting the emblematic hotel in Bariloche. Closed for 13 years, since 1980, it showed its sad deteriorated façade to whoever visited its gardens.

Reopened in 1993, it its facilities have been enlarged by incorporating more rooms and therefore customers, 50% national and 50% foreign. Today, Hotel Llao Llao is a tourist destination itself. Day after day, it surprises everyone with new activities and it is known worldwide for its Llao Llao Musical Week. October dresses up in half, quarter and eighth notes in the sunsets opening the way to the musical evenings.

Joining Stories Together

After touring around the two wings, Bustillo and Moreno, we asked: “What are the differences and similarities between both buildings?”. The answer was: “The spaces and rooms are different. They feature a common style that may be defined as that of a mountain hotel, where tradition and modern times are combined in perfect harmony”.

Bustillo Wing smells of history and that does not imply “old”. Its façade has remained unaltered ever since its construction and it has been named Municipal Historical Heritage.

Inside, fabrics and furniture play an essential role at each space. Our steps seemed to sink in the exquisitely designed carpets, which absorbed the sound around. We moved along the long corridor where the stores and the art gallery were located.

A panoramic bridge joins it to the Moreno Wing, the “young” area of the hotel, which treasures a refined craft Patagonian style with hunting and rural items. The rooms are very spacious, according to international hotel standards.

Through the large windows and outdoor galleries of the hotel we caught a real glimpse of the landscape. Lakes Moreno and Nahuel Huapi and Mounts López, Tronador and Capilla wrap up the stay for each guest.

And there we were, surprised for the unimaginable visit to a Hotel Llao Llao that represents a luxury for the city. We planned to return and keep enjoying its novelties.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

Contact of the excursion or tour

Llao Llao Hotel & Resort

Av. Bustillo - Km. 25 (8400) San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro

Tel: +54 294-4448530

Bear in mindBear in mind: Hotel Llao Llao is located inside Nahuel Huapi National Park.
San Carlos de Bariloche Airport: 35 kilometers
Downtown Bariloche: 25 kilometers
Mount Catedral: 20 kilometers


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