Sport fishing in Argentina

Fishing in the Tuyú Beaches

Del Tuyú Seaside Resorts -from the Punta Médanos Lighthouse to the Querandí Lighthouse- Deep Waters

Downstream from the Punta Médanos lighthouse and up to the surroundings of the Querandí lighthouse, the beaches become narrower and so do the edges. The swell recedes and the sea waters get deeper and saltier. For such reason, not only do the species that approach the shore improve in variety but also in quality.

The possibilities of fishing large corvinas, brótolas, small hakes, pejerreyes, rays and chuchos increase considerably. The piers become ideal sites, especially during the quiet hours of the afternoon, the sunset and the evening. These moments, as well as dawn, are very appropriate for fishing at the seaside.

The Pinamar and Villa Gesell piers are also excellent to use long rods and front-drag reels and fish the large corvinas rubias, brótolas, small hakes, rays and chuchos, as well as some dogfish that dares to approach the coast in its pursuit of some pejerrey or anchovy shoal.

Tuyú Beaches

An interesting place site for coast daylight fishing is the area known as Mar de las Pampas and Mar Azul. Here, the sea gets deep very near the shore and the gutters that follow the wave breaker are much deeper. Therefore, the large species of fish can reach the coast. These sea conditions and the fact that these are isolated resorts cause lower noise and rare presence of bathers. Thus, possibilities are increased at the time of coast fishing.

On board a boat, the situation improves remarkably all round the area and the possibilities of getting best catches, both in quantity and quality, increase. Perhaps that is the reason why the fishing shops and the piers and local anglers offer the possibility of going out on boats for a small price per person. An experience you should not miss if you wish to make contact with all the species dwelling our seaboard.


We could assert that the evening is the ideal moment for fishing, as most fish feed at this time leaving mistrust aside to approach the sea edge. Among them, there are the large pejerreyes that get near during the windless nights to eat the insects attracted by the pier lamps. They reach the surface showing their large black backs and they can be fished with the conventional lagoon float fishing gear, using small shrimps as bait.