Sport fishing in Argentina

Fishing modalities

Fishing modalities

With the passing of time, man has invented, enhanced and practiced various fishing techniques. The first ones were related with the use of live bait which attracted fish by means of smelling. Little by little, this natural bait was replaced by artificial ones. Today, we must make our choice among a countless range of lure and spoons of all kinds, shapes and colors. As a consequence of this, the spinning and trolling techniques were developed.

Spinning is practiced from the shore and on board crafts. It consists in winding up an artificial lure imitating the swimming movement made by a small fish. If the imitation is correct, the artificial lure will certainly be attacked by some of the hunter fish that dwell the environment.

Trolling consists in towing an artificial lure from a moving craft. It is essential that the helmsman is perfectly familiar with the geographical features of rivers and lakes, such as rocks, sandbanks and pools, in order to be successful.

Fly-fishing is another technique which is growing quite popular in our country. Delicious and artistic for some, refined for others, this modality consists in casting an artificial fly using only the weight of the line. The trout and salmon dwelling the Patagonian waters are the most coveted trophies by the large amount of fly models tied by thousands of fanatics eager for the fishing season to start. Apart from the salmonidae, this technique allows anglers to catch most hunting fish that inhabit our waters.


It is worth mentioning that this is not about one technique being better or worse. They are different ways of achieving the same goal: fishing. And what is most important, whichever modality is chosen, it will enable the anglers to feel comfortable and self-assured. That is the first secret we must never forget in order to become great fishermen.