Sport fishing in Argentina

Fishing in Buenos Aires

The Angler's Dream

The lagoons of the entire Province of Buenos Aires and the River Plate hold identical feelings for the angler.

A fisherman just has to look for a boat and begin to row or start a small engine and sail to the extent considered convenient by his eyes. He must cast anchor once the boat is stabilized and he is certain that it is time to assemble his three-buoy tackle if it is winter, the traditional large hook floating line if fishing takes place during the warm months of the summer, or a sinking line if the angler is in search for a boga. Anything goes...

The point is that, regardless of the fish the angler is looking for, fishing is always practiced with the same interests and uncertainty, just like the first time. Expectations and illusions become virgin and it would seem that the little boy inside every angler dominates the man and invites him to dream of the big fish, which even if the place and time are unknown, it is somewhere, waiting for them.

Buenos Aires

And thus, in natural sceneries and with actors bearing multiple features and personalities -no others than the anglers and the fish- fishing proposes the game of discovering who is fooling whom. This game ends when the sun sets and it is time to return to solid ground to see whether it was a successful day.

It is then when the fisherman's ego climbs mountains and reaches summits if some specimen happens to become a part of their personal anecdotes or experiences. Or, on the other hand, when in search for a logical reason, they will blame it on the winds, the tides or even the poor full moon, which has been absent during the whole day but is now there to prevent them from succeeding.

That is just like anglers: the last idealists and romantics in a disenchanted world where they are still in search for a mermaid who would call them from the other end of the line in any water mirror...


If there has ever been an Argentinian writer who has managed to convey the philosophy of the lagoon and River Plate angler on a sheet of paper with real skill, it was the brilliant Haroldo Conti. His mastership Sudeste (Southeast), is the faithful reflection of a life dedicated to the Delta, to observing its aromas and colors, its waters and times, its richness and poorness, its attitude and beauty. And of course, its people, its islands and its fish.