Sport fishing in Argentina

Fishing in Samborombón Bay

The Samborombón Bay -from the bay, Gral. Lavalle and Punta Rasa- A Meeting Place

The River Plate has been christened worldwide as the widest fresh water river in the world. Before its mouth in the Argentinian Sea, it forms the Samborombón Bay, where its waters get turbid with the tributary streams and swamps from the entire Province of Buenos Aires. Finally, the great river flows into the Argentinian Sea in the shape of an estuary.

This particular geographic phenomenon, which may be appreciated from the shore, is located a few kilometers from the city of San Clemente del Tuyú and it is called Punta Rasa. Geographic landmark appearing in very few parts of the world, the angler may appreciate how the waters of the huge lion-colored river put up a fight with the blue waters of the large salty sea. And lastly, it is the quadrant from where the wind blows that helps one of the two contestants to victory.

The Samborombón Bay

Punta Rasa is a small peninsula of thick sand that gets hundreds of meters inside the waters, dividing the river and the sea, creating a true paradise for sport fishing. In that place, it is possible to obtain the large sea species, as the depths generally surpass the ten or twenty meters, as a result of the geographical features mentioned above.

On the side of the river, that is to say at the Samborombón Bay, large specimens of corvina negra can be caught, which will luckily surpass the twenty kilos of weight. In the times when fishing was not as massive as nowadays, it was common to see specimens weighing over forty kilos. Small red crabs from the swamps which can be easily spotted on the muddy surfaces of the bay and its surroundings are used as bait for these species.


General Lavalle, world capital of the corvina negra, is a small town strategically located between streams, swamps and channels. Between the streams, where mullets can be fished in the summer and pejerreyes in the winter, the so-called Ajó becomes the protagonist of the scene, known by all the anglers as Channel 2, which waters flow into the bay too and go through a small settlement. From the stream, boats may be rented to go fishing, or else, and sport fishing services may be hired there. Fishing is practiced from nearby islands or on board the crafts.