Sport fishing in Argentina

Fishing in San Blas

San Blas - Anglers' Village

San Blas was born as an anglers' village. At first, there were few houses, an old hotel, a grocery and a camping site. Anglers used to fish from the coast, as there was no need to get on a boat. And though years and decades went by, the situation remains the same. Much the better for sport fishing.

It is possible to assert that, thanks to the gods of the sea and the inhabitants of the village, the mythical site continues to be an anglers' town for anglers. And fishing continues to be miraculous and abundant, just like in ancient times.

The area is also characterized by the large amount of crustaceans and the variety of mollusks which are the basic food of the varied range of species that dwell this site. The thick grain sand and pebble beaches and the great depths a few meters from the shore form a unique scenery for those who are afraid of getting on board or for those who are having their first experiences in sport fishing. San Blas is an ideal place for fishing from the coast in the company of family and with the certain possibility of catching large specimens of all sea species.

The Jabalí Island, name under which this place is known in the maps, is undoubtedly one of the best sea fishing sites in Argentina. There, it is natural to catch excellent specimens from the coast, such as small hakes, elephant fish, corvina rubia, corvina negra, sole, dogfish, narrownose smooth-hound and large anchovy, as well as pejerrey and sardines.

San Blas

Among the two most standing species, the large corvinas rubias are the main attraction for those who fish from the coast. Not only because of the delicious taste of their flesh, but also for the fight that they put up before they surrender to the feet of the angler. They are at a casting distance and weigh over four kilos. Finally, there is the large dogfish, which during the summer months represent the dreams of hundreds of amateurs that get on board rubber boats, semi rigid boats and motorboats to go after them. Specimens of the varied narrowtooth sharks, sand tiger sharks and broadnose sevengill sharks are the most coveted by amateurs. In most cases, they weigh over 100 kilos and they may be fished both by experienced anglers and beginners in this fishing modality.

The 24 hours of San Blas

This beautiful fishing site is the last of the spots on Buenos Aires coast from North to South. It is framed by streams, channels, small islands and banks subject to the constant influence of the tides, which prevent the settlement of commercial fishing and have given this site the nickname of "paradise of sport anglers". There is a reason for thousands of anglers to approach its coasts every summer in order to satisfy their favorite sport and to take part in the famous and traditional festival called "The 24 hours of San Blas" during which anglers and families from all over the country take part in a competition in which they spend twenty-four hours fishing, night and day, to see who wins the prize to the largest piece.