Sport fishing in Argentina

Fishing in the Uruguay River

The Uruguay River - Like the Clear Waters

The Uruguay River is clearer and cleaner than his brother, the Paraná River. Its bed, with white sand, red tuffs and large rocky grounds, makes its waters look free of sediments; therefore, they are ideal for the use of lures.

The excellent visibility and the constant stream of the river turn this place into an ideal site to get robust breams and large dorado. The latter acquire a unique shade, with bluish and greenish stripes on their wide backs which, together with golden and orange, cover their scales, contributing with incredible colors.

Uruguay River

Concordia, in the Province of Entre Ríos, is without any doubt the best fishing area on the Uruguay River. The Salto Grande dam designs the perfect scenery for the fishing of large dorado in its clear waters, regulating the passing of water to obtain hydro electrical energy. The opening of large turbines depends on the consumption of energy in the area. For such reason, when the floodgate is closed, the Uruguay River level remains low. When the turbines are working, the volume of the river, as well as its stream, increases remarkably downstream, where fishing is practiced.

Sport fishing is permitted only one kilometer downstream from the dam and from there it stretches to the Salto Chico shoal, where a really spectacular site is formed for lovers of the dorado. The place is crowded with doradillos and, a little bit deeper, you can find dorado fish weighing over ten kilos, stalking forage species that are carried away by the current.

Uruguay River

The large breams are obtained with corn grains threaded in the hooks. They are fished both from the shore and on boats, with light equipments, hand rods with frontal medium and spinning reels. The line used is very simple: it is assembled with 0.40mm fishing line. A running sinker prevents the line from being adrift because of the strong current and small hooks. This fish will weigh over five kilos in this river. Fanatics know that. Not without reason is Concordia the aim of most excursion makers greedy for this persisting species.


You can fish from the shore or on board a boat. From boats, spinning and trolling are practiced, provided that the tide is high. The hard and soft body lures are the most used, with short and long swivels to fish in the surface, sub-surface or deep waters, according to the different bite requirements. If you want to fish with natural bait, the moray is ideal to tempt the dorado, both from the shore and on a boat.