Sport fishing in Argentina

Fishing in the Sierras

Mountain Range Attractions

The central area of Argentina is crowded with incredible lakes and artificial reservoirs protected by various mountain ranges. In these water mirrors, apart from nautical activities, it is possible to practice one of the favorite sports in Córdoba and San Luis all through the year: pejerrey fishing.

The Provinces of Córdoba and San Luis, together with the mountain ranges of Ventania and Tandilia, treasure a wide range of fishing spots for lovers of pejerrey and trout. Likewise, in these areas, there is a species of lower hierarchy which has high sport value: the carp.

Pejerrey fish of all sizes approach anglers both during the day and at night. And though it is possible to fish with the classical three-float lines, local anglers use tackles attached with trot line or balancín so that the bait may get deeper, as the fish move in shoals in very deep waters.

In the Province of Córdoba, Lake San Roque, the Los Molinos, Cruz del Eje and Medina Allende dams, as well as Río Tercero reservoir, are some of the most outstanding places to make an attempt at the pejerrey. It is possible to fish from the shore, on board a boat or from some of the houses located by the shores of the various water mirrors. In the Province of San Luis, the La Florida and Potrero de los Funes dams treasure the largest pejerrey in their waters.

Mountain Range Attractions

Trout fishing is another attraction in the mountain range courses. Rainbow trout specimens have been planted in dams, lakes and reservoirs. But the species have abandoned these environments to settle in the rivers and streams of the area where, apart from crystal-clear cold waters, there is more oxygenation. This is fundamental for this variety of salmonidae. The size of the catches does not surpass one kilogram, but if attempts are made with fly-fishing or light spinning equipment, the fight put up by these colorful and pigmented trout turns out to be fascinating.

In order to come across them, it is necessary to select the city of Merlo, in San Luis as "base of operations" and from there, approach all the rivers and streams of the Trapiche area and the Comechingones mountain range. In Córdoba, the panorama is quite similar, and the best fishing spots are located in high-mountain rivers and streams, in the areas of Calamuchita, la Cumbrecita and the outskirts of the tourist Villa General Belgrano.


"When I was invited to go fishing during the weekend on board a wooden floating home with all the comfort, I thought it was some kind of joke or tale, typical of the people from Córdoba. However, everything was just as I had been told. Fishing turned out to be fantastic, mingled with friends and mates during the day. But when the night came, everything changed. The clean sky and its stars announced it was time for warm clothes and to turn on a torch in order to go on fishing until the moonlight would glow..."