Sport fishing in Argentina

Fishing in Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata - Fishing all round the Year

Mar del Plata is a synonym for fishing during the whole year. And it is considered a site of worship for those who love boat fishing in the sea.

From North to South, the cliffs of Santa Clara and Camet show part of their beauty to those who prefer to fish from the coast during the quiet summer nights, with the real possibility of catching large specimens of corvina negra and sharks weighing over 100 kilos.

Inside the city, the harbor area, with its small yellow, red and orange commercial boats, and with its restaurants specialized in fish and seafood, anticipates what the sea lions, the elephant seals and seagulls cry out: this is one of the best fishing sites in Argentina. And this does not only refer to commercial fishing only. The paradise is also offered to those of us who choose to fish as a sport.

Every year, when the little anchovy shoal arrive, the hunting species of the entire sea littoral approach the shores of Mar del Plata and its surroundings. This phenomenon usually happens during September and October. Therefore, during the summer season, most species are already in the banks, in the rocky grounds or in the edges formed in the bottom of the sea. And the fishing excursions head for those sites during the summer months.

Mar del Plata - Fishing all round the Year

For the beginners, one of the so many advantages of fishing on board a boat is that it is not necessary to perform great casts. It is enough to drop the line to the bottom and wait for the so-longed strike. And the amount of fish is so large and varied that the lines usually announce strikes before they reach the bottom, therefore the angler must always be watchful.

Among the most coveted species in the summer, the following stand out: salmon, yellowtail, dusky groupers, soles, pejerreyes, wreck fish, dogfish, sharks, corvinas, small hakes, bluefish, bonitos, narrownose smooth-hound, flat head fish and palometas. In the winter, the pejerreyes corno and escardón win all the applauses and praises, both from the boats returning from the excursions and from the anglers who prefer to act from the coast.

Stories of the Sea

Mystical boats such as the Fortuna and the Anabella, among others, are in charge of making the anglers' dreams come true: a synonym of adventure, fishing from a boat together with a group of fanatic anglers is an incredible and unforgettable experience. To embark on these ships is getting out to sea with the captain of a boat with years and storms of experience, fish and anglers' anecdotes, who can share them with the rest of the crew at any time.