Sport fishing in Argentina

Fishing in the sea

Argentinian Atlantis -from San Clemente to the Punta Médanos Lighthouse- Fishing from the Piers

The beaches ranging from San Clemente del Tuyú to the Punta Médanos Lighthouse, South of Mar de Ajó, receive the name of Argentinian Atlantis. Here, the sea acquires certain regularity as regards its shapes and features: large fine sandy beaches and a slight slope into the water until they become deep.

Those who fish from the shore know well that as they get into the water the first breaker will appear. After that, is the first trough, the second breaker, the second trough, and so on and so forth, until they get into deep waters.

During the day, the large fish do not come near the shore. They only do that at night in search for food: clams, mussels, crabs or small fish, such as cornalitos and little anchovy. They do this when the swimmers abandon the water and the sound of the sea and the waves becomes protagonist again.

The Samborombón Bay

From the windless shore with optimal conditions, an expert angler with the appropriate equipment for long-distance casting may throw its line up to seventy meters away, thus reaching the second or third trough, whose depth does not surpass the two or three meters. But in general, fish are not so close. That is why the piers are a clever solution to the problem of distance.

The T-shaped piers are divided into two sectors. The first one is for nets, with which anglers try to catch the fish that move close to the column piles in order to eat the mussels and the algae stuck on their walls. At the end of the pier, where the waters become deep, is the exclusive sector for fishing-rod anglers. From there, they can cast farther and it is possible to obtain species such as pejerrey, small hakes, corvinas rubias, brótolas, rays, chuchos, conger eels and some dogfish.


The Mar de Ajó pier gets far into the sea, which is not very common. Witnesses to this are the local anglers who, from the moment it was built, have obtained large dogfish and shark specimens, such as of the sand tiger and narrowtooth sharks. The photographs that may be seen at the pier coffee shop or in the nearby fishing stores, give free rein to the attractive urban legends heard among the lovers of reels and rods in the seaside resorts located all throughout Argentinian Atlantis.