Sport fishing in Argentina

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I like the sea

In the summer, the Argentinian sea littoral gets crowded with millions of tourists searching for sunshine, the water and the beach. Most of them are fishermen who, besides these three natural attractions, are eager to fish once and again.

The Call of the Summer

The summer months are the best time to fish, since most species become more active in warm weather. At sea, big hunting fish come near the shore following small fish species, which are finally caught by sport fishermen.

From the town of San Clemente del Tuyú as far as the end of the American continent, all the sea littoral area offers excellent chances of catching fish species of high sport and nutritional value. Whichever the fishing method used, from the shore or on board a boat, from the pier or from the sand, fishing undoubtedly becomes the protagonist of sunrise or even night.

I like the sea

This is evidenced in the piers crowded with people who drop their nets into the water in an attempt to catch pejerreyes, which approach the site on the water surface and are finally devoured by hunting species such as big soles. Hundreds of fishermen expect the “shriek” of the reel announcing that a corvina negra, a dogfish or some shark, which comes near the coast at night, has been hooked at the other end of the line.

Fishing on Board Makes All the Difference

Mar del Plata is a synonym for great and popular catches. Boats set sail from its posh harbor everyday to go deep into the sea and satisfy fishermen’s wishes. During the summer season, these trips increase in number; therefore, it is advisable for fishermen to make reservations one day in advance to go out in pursuit of dusky groupers, sea breams, corvinas, brótolas, soles and anchovies, added to other species which, depending on the cold or warm currents, can get very near the boat.

But there are other seaside cities along the Atlantic Coast from where rubber boats and semi-rigid boats set sail at sunrise and arrive at midday with boxes full of fish. Fishermen know that only some hundreds of meters away from the shore the chances of catching fish increase considerably, for the noise decreases and the water becomes deeper thus resulting in an ideal spot for a big fish.

I like the sea

However, there are people who prefer to fish on solid ground and take advantage of the first sparkles of sunrise to try to capture some fish. From the coast, it is possible to catch large specimens of corvinas, rays, soles, brótolas and even sharks weighing over 100 kilos.

Tempted by mussel or anchovy, the fish cannot resist the call of fishermen whose passion have led them to organize major contests embracing several seaside cities and summoning thousands of fanatics of the rod and reel who in the long run can only dream about catching the big fish.

About lagoons and tarariras

The Province of Buenos Aires lodges many lagoons in the areas close to the sea. In the summer, fishermen may catch species of high sport value in these water bodies. One of them is the tararira. When the weather conditions are not good, the lagoons are the favorite spot for thousands of fishermen who want to go on fishing. That is their destination and the lagoons are pleased to welcome them.