Sport fishing in Argentina

Fishing in Patagonia

Patagonia Argentina fly fishing

In addition to being one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Argentinian Patagonia is worldwide known for its excellent trout and salmon. It was during the early XX century, that expert Francisco Pascasio Moreno, explorer and discoverer, recommended the introduction of fish with high sport value into our waters. Thus, after performing the corresponding studies, the first specimens of rainbow and brown trout were brought from the USA and Europe. They quickly adapted to the rivers and lakes, breeding in the wild, without any intervention by man. During those years, the first young fish were transported on a cart from Buenos Aires.

And it was worth the effort. Today, we can assert that trout inhabit every water course in Patagonia. But the passing of time has been exerting a particular influence in all of them: apart from large trout, the plentiful rivers and lakes in the area keep their own stories, secrets, anecdotes, legends and characters.

The mouth of the Chimehuin River, with Lake Huechulaufquen and watched by the Lanín Volcano is, in Junín de los Andes, a site of worship for the fanatics of fly-fishing.

The Limay River, with its bends and its charmed Encantado Valley in the surroundings of Bariloche, and the Correntoso River, the shortest river in the world, in Villa La Angostura, are two stunning water courses that receive the cold waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi and which are taken into account as a destination by anglers from all round the world due to their magnificent trout. Esquel, in the Province of Chubut, is also a strategic point to fish large salmonidae. And, almost reaching the end of the world, the Southern Patagonia comes into scene: it is the Province of Tierra del Fuego, which locks one of the most priced treasures - the famous Grande River, catalogued by anglers from the entire world as the best to fish sea trout, a variety of trout that dwells fresh water courses ending into the Argentinian Sea. This exerts a remarkable influence so that the fish can weight over 10 kilograms.

Patagonia Argentina fly fishing

Today, these are exclusive sites for the lovers of fly-fishing. The specimens caught there must be released into their environment. Catch and release is a dream for most fly-casters and it is being incorporated by the rest of Argentinian casters little by little when they approach Patagonia.

A compulsory lesson we learn from foreign tourists and which is worth learning and imitated if we wish to continue fishing trout for a long time. The Argentine Association of Fly-fishing of the Province of Neuquén is far from wrong when it expresses in an article: "...Fishing is like a game. But if every time we win, we kill our partner, tomorrow we will not have anybody to play with".

An Angler's Soul

"The fight seems to come to an end. It is gorgeous but it is also tired, weary, exhausted. The man, who has got into the water up to his waist in his waders, takes it slowly not to harm it and with his hand carefully takes the fly out of the fish mouth. He reaches the coast and kneels. With reanimation movements, he gets the trout into the water and it starts to swim by itself, slowly abandoning the angler, who has done the right thing, what his soul has told him to do..."