Contemplative Tourism

A Bus around the City

The city is big and this sightseeing bus tour is a comfortable and agile way to see all the typical attractions with the option to get off and on as many times as we wish.

Recreational Tourism

A Day in Godoy Cruz

Minutes away from the capital of Mendoza, lies Godoy Cruz, one of the iconic cities in the province. Besides local institutions, it boasts good wine and outings for all tastes.

Contemplative Tourism

A Town by the Historical Apple Tree

A town was started from the recognition paid to a tree under whose shade General San Martín took shelter. Then it developed into a tourist destination.


A Winegrowing Bus around Mendoza y and its outskirts

There is no doubt that this is the new star tour in the region. The idea is to get on a bus and go on a neatly organized circuit to visit the best wineries in Mendoza and the closest wine route venues.


Gourmet Tables in Mendoza

If there is something that has truly developed in the city, it is the downtown venues where we can enjoy all kinds of traditional or <i>avant-garde</i> dishes, both during the day and in the evenings.

HydrotherapyContemplative Tourism

Inca Bridge Natural Monument

It is one of the most unique and beautiful geological formations in the world. The Inca Bridge in Mendoza is one of the province´s natural monuments.

Contemplative Tourism

Mendoza Nightlife: Arístides Night

Citizens of Mendoza are night owls. They enjoy gathering with friends, sharing a drink or visiting a new restaurant. There are plenty of options for locals and tourists alike.


Mendoza on two wheels

<p>Mendoza is a unique destination to enjoy the experience on two wheels. From the mountains to the vineyards, the motorcycle tour is perfect for road lovers.</p>

Contemplative Tourism

Pedro del Castillo Square, center of the founding stage

It is the Plaza Mayor of the founding stage, whose origin dates back to colonial times as the center of the sociopolitical and religious life of the fledgling Mendoza.

WineriesContemplative Tourism

Valle de Uco, Land of Wine

"Have you been to Valle de Uco? is one of the typical questions asked by visitors to the City of Mendoza who venture into seeing its imposing sights.

Contemplative Tourism

Picheuta Bridge

The stone bridge over the Picheuta creek holds its secrets of American struggles and is a walk to enjoy fishing and the trails of the ravine.

Contemplative TourismWineries


A new tourist undertaking offers the chance to tour around several destinations in the province, including the Wine Road, on board an old Citroën. Ideal for the nostalgic.

Popular HolidaysWineriesContemplative Tourism

Música Clásica por los Caminos del Vino

Sinónimo de Mendoza, el evento conocido como Festival Internacional Música Clásica por los Caminos del Vino vuelve a tener fecha, como todos los años.

Contemplative Tourism

Shopping on a Streetcar in Mendoza

A means of transport for passengers almost thrown into oblivion for some and unknown for many others has been traveling around the downtown for a while now: the streetcar.

Contemplative Tourism

The Hill of Glory

It is a bronze construction of fourteen tons that pays tribute to the Army of the Andes for its successful campaign of liberation. It is a monument worth visiting.


La Marchigiana Restaurant

There is a place in Mendoza where the art of good eating is the protagonist of all gatherings. A visit is mandatory when it comes to understanding the exquisite palate of Mendoza.

Contemplative Tourism

Arena Maipú - Casino Resort

Inaugurated in 2011, Arena Maipú – Casino Resort embodies the same accommodation and amusement concept that made Las Vegas famous in the USA. Luxury, relax and activities round the clock.

Contemplative Tourism

Las Cuevas, the last town on the border

Las Cuevas is a trip to the heart of the mountain range in Mendoza, a high mountain village linked to the Andean crossing and the remnants of history left by the railway.

WineriesContemplative Tourism

Luján de Cuyo, Malbec Land

While the name Luján de Cuyo goes around the world printed on the labels of the best wines from Mendoza, its people show that they have many more reasons to feel proud.

Contemplative Tourism

Shopping Tour in Chile from the City of Mendoza

The great number of people crossing from Argentina to the various Chilean cities lying on the other side of the Andes with the purpose of buying products at a more convenient price could be defined as a “shopping boom”.

MountaineeringContemplative Tourism

Mount Aconcagua: Discovering its Fame

Its name is immediately linked to Argentina. Every year, its almost seven thousand meters are the target of mountaineers from all over the world who come along to conquer its summit.


Kahuak or a Winery for Every Taste

Today Kahuak, a tourist agency based in Mendoza, suggests visitors an approach to wine from incredible perspectives that contribute to its essence. An ideal way of discovering the winegrowing world.

HydrotherapyContemplative Tourism

Relax at Cacheuta Hot Springs

Featuring a new thermal concept, Cacheuta is associated to entertainment in which hot spring waters produce a most pleasant physical relax.

Contemplative Tourism

San Martín’s Circuit

The Province of Mendoza, and especially its capital, takes pride in the heroic deeds carried out by General San Martín in order to free our neighboring countries. That is why, this national hero is remembered generously in squares and monuments.

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

Grape Harvest Festival and Main Event

The origins of the Grape Harvest Festival date back to 1936. Ever since, the event has been part of Mendoza’s life and, year after year, the ritual comes back to life.

Religious TourismContemplative TourismPopular Holidays

The Blessing of the Fruit

This is a special moment in the year for the denizens of Mendoza, when they beg God to make good wine from the fruit harvested.

Contemplative TourismPopular Holidays

The Queens’ White Way

The Queens’ White Way is one of the essential components of the Grape Harvest Festival in Mendoza. The queens, chosen by the different districts of Mendoza, arrive in the city and parade before the audience on their floats.

Contemplative TourismPopular Holidays

The Carousel

The Carousel, which consists in going around the city and getting past in front of the authority balcony, is one of the most important moments during the Grape Harvest Festival. Nobody wants to miss it.

Contemplative Tourism

Gay Grape Harvest

In addition to the traditional Grape Harvest Festival, a new celebration has already become a classic in Mendoza. An <i>avant-garde</i> festival that has become a must during the harvest season.

Ski & Snowboard

Las Leñas

As for ski, the irresistible attraction has a name: the Las Leñas Valley. Excellent accommodation and matchless snow quality, schools and trails are some of its features.

GastronomyContemplative Tourism

Refined Chacras de Coria

Chacras de Coria lures visitors with its stylish streets, its neat architecture and its excellent cuisine, steps away from the most outstanding wineries.

TrekkingContemplative Tourism

Squares in the City of Mendoza

The City of Mendoza features a great number of green areas that contribute to improving the urban look of the city and at the same time the quality of life of its inhabitants.


Rafting on the Mendoza River, Pure Adrenaline

Rafting has become one of the favorite sports among lovers of adventure and outdoor activities. Anyone can practice it. They just need to dare face the rapids and the cool water.


The Wine Road: Wineries in Mendoza

We traveled the route of wine and saw some of the most important wineries in the area. We learnt about the varieties and the various winemaking regions in our country.


Tour around the Wineries in Mendoza

Wine tours have become a classic in Mendoza. Both local and foreign tourists come along to be delighted by the flavors and fragrances of this beverage.

ParaglidingContemplative Tourism

Paragliding over Mendoza

The idea of paragliding over the capital of Mendoza and its surroundings is a dream come true. In the company of a qualified instructor, we enjoyed this experience of turning into birds.

MuseumsContemplative Tourism

The Cuyo Past Museum

We visited the Cuyo Past Museum and watched valuable objects that give testimony of the life of the inhabitants of Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja in the XIX century.

MuseumsContemplative Tourism

Aquarium: An Underwater World

Researching about the life of fish is one of the most delightful adventures and nearly becomes part of the fantasy world for children.

Contemplative Tourism

Villavicencio, a Never-ending Spring

We visited beautiful Villavicencio and its mineralized waters. The tour included a visit to the old Villavicencio Hotel and its surroundings, accessed through the Caracoles Path, a dazzling route.

Contemplative Tourism

Vistalba and Mendoza, Two Unforgettable Destinations

The City of Mendoza offers several accommodation options. On the one hand, visitors may enjoy the urban geography and rhythm.

MuseumsContemplative TourismWineries

Wine Museum – Bodega La Rural

Respect for the Rutini family viniculture tradition enables us to learn the ways of producing wine in the late XIX century.

Horse RidingContemplative Tourism

Horseback Ride in Mendoza

You can enjoy a wide range of adventure activities in the neighbouring areas of the City of Mendoza. Today we offer you a horseback ride in the mountain range.

Ski & Snowboard

Penitentes Ski Center

You will find a classic among the ski centers, located 174 km away from Mendoza City, through International Route Nº7 which is fully asphalted and with no cornice roads.

Contemplative Tourism

Aconcagua Viewpoint

A road in which history and nature shake hands. It reaches the exact point from where you can observe the immensity of the mythical Aconcagua.

Contemplative Tourism

City tour around Mendoza Capital City

We toured around the main sights in one of the most fine-looking, organized and clean cities in Argentina. An ideal outing to stay longer in town.

MuseumsContemplative Tourism

Foundation Area Museum

A site that takes us back to colonial times in the city of Mendoza. Archeological remains of ancient buildings seem to talk to us about the past of this place.

Tourism in Mendoza

The charms of the Province of Mendoza can be experienced and enjoyed year round: its natural beauties and the vastness of its mountains, its famed wineries and its excellent wines...

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