Squares in the City of Mendoza

The City of Mendoza features a great number of green areas that contribute to improving the urban look of the city and at the same time the quality of life of its inhabitants.

It is quite usual to walk around one of the many squares in Mendoza and to find an active social life. Children and adults get together to share quality time in full contact with nature. These squares feature remarkable vegetation, combining modern, European and 19th century architectural styles. They are a must visits for the tourists.

These characteristics make it possible for the Cuyo region to be one of the most innovative urban dry areas. It has been internationally recognized as a true oasis that precedes the powerful pre-Andean highlands.

The most popular squares for their symmetry and for being equidistant from one another are Independencia, España, Italia, Chile and San Martín. In this article they will be described in such a way that when tourists visit them they will know some of their characteristics and they will be able to distinguish them from the rest.

  • San Martín Square

    San Martín Square

  • Contribute to improving the urban look of the city

    Contribute to improving the urban look of the city

  • Independencia Square

    Independencia Square

  • Special sites and respected

    Special sites and respected

Independence Square

It is located in the heart of the city and it occupies 1,600 square meters. It has a central fountain of dancing water from which two important urban arms grow; namely, pedestrian Sarmiento Street -which leads to a shopping mall- and the Parque San Martín, and Mitre Avenue, which leads to the Civic Center.
The craftsmen get together in this place during the weekends to sell their crafts. This square is absolutely lively thanks to the many street shows that take place here.

Under its central terrace, there lie the Municipal Theater Julio Quintanilla and the Municipal Museum of Modern Art with contemporary art and sculptures displays.

San Martín Square

It is located in the banking area. It was called “Cobo” until 1904, when it took the name of San Martín in honor of the Liberator.
In the middle of the square there is a bronze equestrian statue of General San Martín, which is a replica of the masterpiece by José Daumas located in the square of the same name in the Federal District.

In this square there is a memorial plaque indicating the height above sea level at which the city is located: 747 meters.

Spain Square

The same as the other squares described, this one is located four blocks from Independence Square. The 19th century decoration with Spanish reminiscence is characteristic. A big fountain similar to the ones used in the Iberian gardens can be seen. At the back, there is a monument with friezes representing the brotherhood between Argentina and Spain.

All these architectural and sculptural masterpieces are framed by the lush vegetation watered by the irrigation ditches of Mendoza.
This square was donated by the Spanish Government to the Republic of Argentina.

Chile Square

It is in the core of the residential area. Its name is a tribute to the neighboring country for the help given to the inhabitants of Mendoza during the 1861 earthquake.

It has a fountain of dancing water and on one side the sculpture that symbolizes the friendship between Argentina and Chile can be seen represented by two heroes - San Martín and O'Higgins - shaking their hands on the back. Between their benches there are eucalyptus, blossomed rosebuds and autochthonous trees.

Italy Square

The name was chosen to pay tribute to the Italian community for their active social life in the whole of this Cuyo province.
In shelters important sculpture masterpieces like the Roman Wolf with Romulus and Remus being suckled by the wolf. Its artist was Luis Perlotti and the sculpture represents the foundation of Rome. In addition, it has friezes and maiolicas with Italian design.

On one of its vertexes, there is a playground for the little ones. It is a lovely square to visit, above all at siesta time.

Thus, our tour around the squares of Mendoza comes to an end. These are special places where visitors can enjoy the shady trees that provide shelter from the intense sun in Mendoza while listening to the birds singing and the water flowing along the irrigation ditches.

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DifficultyDifficulty: Low
DurationDuration: full day
Opening hoursOpening hours: All day
How to get hereHow to get here: Italy Square is surrounded by Perú, Montevideo, 25 de Mayo and San Lorenzo Streets.

Chile Square is guarded by Perú, Necochea, 25 de Mayo and Nicolás Avellaneda Streets.

Spain Square is surrounded by España, Montevideo, 9 de Julio and San Lorenzo Streets.

San Martín Square is enclosed by 9 de Julio, Necochea, Gutiérrez and España Streets.

Independence Square is located in the very center of the city.
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