A Day in Godoy Cruz

Minutes away from the capital of Mendoza, lies Godoy Cruz, one of the iconic cities in the province. Besides local institutions, it boasts good wine and outings for all tastes.

Godoy Cruz is part of the urban agglomeration of Greater Mendoza. Throughout its streets, it treasures the typical stamp of Mendoza reflected on its grape harvest, irrigation ditches and traditions from the area of Cuyo. Even though it occupies a small surface, this is one of the most densely populated cities in the Province and no denizen from Mendoza has missed a walk along some of its streets at least once in a lifetime.

Argentinian wine has become famous worldwide thanks to this city. Its rich wine growing history is breathed along its streets everyday when dozens of wineries follow the daily ritual of making and aging delicious Malbec wines that will be served at the table of many homes both in Argentina and abroad.

In the last few years, new family gastronomic undertakings have joined the wine industry. As well, olive oil products and by-products have made olives gain as much significance as grapes in this zone.

  • Un paseo por la plaza

    Un paseo por la plaza

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  • Plato principal

    Plato principal

  • Disfrutando de la gastronomía

    Disfrutando de la gastronomía

  • Casino de Mendoza

    Casino de Mendoza

A city tour lets visitors see the most representative buildings in the city, namely: <i>Club Deportivo Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba</i>, the hundred-year- old <i>Cine Teatro Plaza</i>, <i>Casino de Mendoza</i> and the modern Palmares Open Mall, one of the most eye-catching in town.

Every year the city welcomes thousands of believers during Holy Week. These people go on a pilgrimage towards the Stations of the Cross and walk the most symbolic streets and avenues of the city. The main street in Godoy Cruz is the gathering point for various generations both during weekdays and weekends, when the place is filled with craftsmen who contribute color and joy to the scene.

The downtown streets are packed with tourists from all over the world who come along to enjoy the benefits and services offered by this prodigious land where there is plenty of sunshine, good wine and everything visitors may want.

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