Vistalba and Mendoza, Two Unforgettable Destinations

The City of Mendoza offers options for all tastes: a very complete urban shell and, a few kilometers away, in the area of Vistalba, the possibility to enjoy a much more relaxed and natural stay. Ideal for everyone.

Just 20 kilometers Southwest of the constant hustle and bustle of the City of Mendoza, tourists may choose to have direct contact with nature. In the Department of Luján de Cuyo, there lies the area of Vistalba, which is getting more and more popular.

This is a vineyard area where the most important and best known wineries in the province are located. Here, tourists find a completely different climate, as the temperature decreases by about five degrees. In our case, we stayed at Lodge Vistalba and had to resort to some blankets to keep ourselves warm during the night.

The view is completely different from the view in the city. The snow-capped mountains, such as Cordón del Plata or Mount Tupungato, contribute with a unique kind of beauty that is only offered by the Andes Mountain Range.

  • Options for all tastes

    Options for all tastes

  • The City of Mendoza is a must visit

    The City of Mendoza is a must visit

  • The snow-capped mountains

    The snow-capped mountains

  • A Breath of Fresh Air

    A Breath of Fresh Air

  • Staying at the City

    Staying at the City

  • Tour around the City of Mendoza

    Tour around the City of Mendoza

  • A beautiful city

    A beautiful city

Sunsets, with the sun hiding behind the mountains, are a festival for the senses that becomes renovated daily. Apple trees, pear trees, peach trees, walnut trees are some of the vegetation seen all around. It is possible to pick up fallen fruit, already ripe, ready to be tasted or “to prepare delicious natural jams”, according to Florencia Lienaux, the owner of the lodge, who has a degree in bromatology.

Likewise, there are many restaurants all throughout Luján de Cuyo where visitors may enjoy a hearty dinner without any need to go all the way down to the city.

Staying at the City

The City of Mendoza is a must visit. It features the most dissimilar elements, which turn it into a unique metropolis where a wide range of accommodation options may satisfy all tastes, even the strictest demands.

Once settled at the big city, we stayed at Apart Vendimia. It has an excellent location and a swimming-pool where guests may refresh themselves after each tour. We wanted to see the difference between the relaxing silence in Vistalba and the busy sounds of the big city, namely Mendoza. And we succeeded.

All vehicles are suitable to tour around the City of Mendoza. Whether by car, by bicycle, or even on foot, tourists may get deep into the colonial past visiting the Foundational Area, made up by the museum, the Franciscan ruins and Pedro del Castillo Square.

A Breath of Fresh Air

General San Martín Park, designed by French landscape architect Carlos Thays, is another must visit. Lovers of the animal world should not miss a two-hour tour around the very complete zoo located inside the park. The World Cup Stadium called Malvinas Argentinas, the university campus, the Greek theater and, of course, the monument to the Andes Army on Cerro de la Gloria (Glory Hill) are other attractions included in this amazing outing.

The attractions in the center of the city are the centennial Municipal Theater and the modern Hyatt Hotel with its casino and its terraces looking onto Independencia Square –a big green space in turn containing a museum, a marvelous fountain and a traditional handicrafts market.

Young Arístides

Heading eastwards from the square, there lies the pedestrian promenade known as Sarmiento Street. This beautiful artery combines stores selling fashionable clothes with pubs that invite passers-bye to have a cup of coffee and watch the people walking around leisurely.

The city remains attractive at night. Both Colón and Belgrano Avenues offer an ample array of top gastronomic venues for families, whereas Arístides Villanueva is reserved for the youngest customers, who crowd its pubs and pizza restaurants every evening.

A very nice site is the ancient General San Martín Railway Station, located in the junction of Belgrano and Las Heras Avenues. As the trains joining this city with Buenos Aires stopped working in 1994, an old recycled car has been turned into a museum where art pieces are shown while the signs and platforms still maintain the physiognomy of the typical early stations.

Other options: Providencia and Exclusive Garden and Versalles.

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