Kahuak or a Winery for Every Taste

Today Kahuak, a tourist agency based in Mendoza, suggests visitors an approach to wine from incredible perspectives that contribute to its essence. An ideal way of discovering the winegrowing world.

The proposal consists in learning a little more about wine in order to enjoy it properly. A very pleasant and educational chat at the wine cellar in Casa del Visitante (Visitor’s House) helped us interiorize some tasting techniques and other aspects in relation to the culture of this extraordinary beverage.

The course aims at an introduction to the tasting techniques, by means of which wines are compared to their aromatic descriptors in their natural condition. For such purpose, all of us had the chance to taste six wines of the Santa Julia, Santa Julia Reserva and Magna lines. Afterwards, we went on a private tour around the winery, where we were granted a certificate of attendance.

Another chance we had while visiting the wineries was the so-called Picnic in the Gardens Tour, which takes place in the gardens of Casa del Visitante, where the shady poplars and olive trees provide shelter for visitors to enjoy regional products accompanied both by regular and sparkling wines.

  • Approach to wine

    Approach to wine

  • Some tasting techniques

    Some tasting techniques

  • The most beautiful vineyard and mountain

    The most beautiful vineyard and mountain

  • A very special moment

    A very special moment

  • Cycling around the vineyards

    Cycling around the vineyards

  • Learning a little more about wine in order to enjoy it properly

    Learning a little more about wine in order to enjoy it properly

The tea ceremony in the most beautiful vineyard and mountain range environment is yet another proposal in the venue. A very original tea menu catches the attention of all visitors, who may also enjoy the local pastries.

Cycling around the vineyards is a further option to get to know the wineries. Thus, in addition to enjoying the scenery, it is also possible to taste and learn about the secrets of good wine.

This is a way of combining sport and wine while touring around the Zuccardi family vineyard. During the visit, the various activities carried out in the venue and the different kinds of grapes may be observed.

At several stops, guests may taste wine under the very arbors that gave origin to the beverage in the first place. Lastly, the wine is enjoyed with regional cold cuts and cheese. There is also the chance to go on the classic visit around the winery and attend its corresponding tasting session.

And as if that were not enough, another way of watching the vineyards and enjoying them exclusively is from the air on a balloon. For such purpose, there are two kinds of flights: one captive and another one free.

During the captive flight, the hot air balloon is tied and flies over the vineyards in Finca Maipú for approximately 10 minutes.

When it comes to the free flight, the balloon is untied and it flies over the estate for about 30 minutes. While flying, adventurers make a mandatory toast with some sparkling wine made in the venue.

“Come help us prune” is an added outing visitors should not miss inside the winery. The idea consists in letting tourists enjoy the experience of performing one of the most traditional tasks in the winegrowing process: pruning. An expert agronomist working at the winery will help them understand why the correct technique is vital to the wine quality.

Those who fancy this kind of practice may also try the harvest. With the help of the winery professionals, they will harvest and learn about this traditional labor.

There are many ways to approach wine: one for every taste. The important thing is to choose the one we like best.

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