Mendoza Nightlife: Arístides Night

For several months, the warm weather is an invitation to extend the day by enjoying a beer under the stars while waiting for the right moment to go to sleep.

The nightlife of Mendoza unveils in various locations in town and there is a particular day of the week for each of them to be visited by certain kind of people. Almost all these venues lie within the downtown. However, they differ in the fact that some of them are popular among the local denizens and others are also frequented by tourists.

We tried to visit some emblematic points and attended a street show at Paseo La Alameda. Sitting at a table in the open air, we also enjoyed a delicious lomito completo with a glass of beer. This is a Bohemian zone, with gigs at the pubs and a school where lessons include musicals, cocktails and simple but quality cuisine.

Arístides is the most popular and renowned of all the arteries on which the young night of Mendoza has settled down. Arístides Villanueva offers restaurants, Irish pubs standing next to one another and lying very close to the downtown by taxi, for those who do not own a car. It is an ideal site to enjoy the moment before going dancing. It is also the perfect place to welcome foreigners by speaking their same language. Arístides has a special glow and elegance and on weekends, it is packed with people and amusement is guaranteed.

  • The most popular and renowned

    The most popular and renowned

  • The young night of Mendoza

    The young night of Mendoza

  • Restaurants, Irish pubs...

    Restaurants, Irish pubs...

  • Glow and elegance

    Glow and elegance

  • A beer under the stars

    A beer under the stars

  • The spectacular drinks

    The spectacular drinks

  • The sidewalks on the avenue are occupied

    The sidewalks on the avenue are occupied

Paraphitecus stands out. It is a place with a long bar, featuring a disco atmosphere and two stories that offer the chance to choose between a quiet space to have dinnera dancing spot after one in the morning. Visitors are advised to dress up to visit PPTH (as it is also known).

The sidewalks on the avenue are occupied with tables from the restaurants and motorbikes with high cubic capacity are seen in the company of their pilots. The breweries known as Antares and Jerome, the Irish pub called William Brown, and Johnny B. Good's drinks are the protagonists of a night meant to have a good time. These brands are well accepted among the youth, who know all the fashionable drinks and are always on the lookout for finding someone they know at these locations.

Beer continues to be the chosen beverage to share a picada (a tray of assorted regional products). However, fine wines from Mendoza are invading these spaces, as the winery boom is changing tastes and customs. When it comes to wine and tasting sessions, The Vines of Mendoza has its own wine bar and wine store at the Hyatt Hotel.

“The cinema? Head for Palmares Open MallMendoza Plaza Shopping. As for the discos, they are in the outskirts and access is allowed only before 2 in the morning”, was the answer to the questions we asked one of the waiters at Arístides. Tango has emerged as an option for the nights of Mendoza as a result of the taste for 2 x 4 evidenced by foreign people. Gio-Bar offers good shows on Thursday nights, accompanied by wine tasting events. The dancers usually invite attendants to try a few steps with them.

Everything lies close in the City of Mendoza and good information is provided at the hotels. In the summer, when days are longer and the warm temperatures tempt everyone to spend time outside, the spectacular drinks prepared at Arístides are an excellent option.

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