The Carousel

The Carousel, which consists in going around the city and getting past in front of the authority balcony, is one of the most important moments during the Grape Harvest Festival. Nobody wants to miss it.

The use of the French word "carrousel" has expanded all over the world. No sooner is it pronounced than everyone immediately thinks about the famous Argentinian "calesitas", which became our favorite and most memorable rides from childhood.

Kids turn out to be the real show watched by parents and grandparents from outside. That is the key of a ride where movement and rotation rule. The idea of the carousel or "rotating" has gained fame around public and recreation shows. That is why the Grape Harvest Festival had to have its own carousel, in this case, a Queen Carousel and its corresponding floats.

The Carousel is one of the essential components of the Grape Harvest Festival celebrations. The people of Mendoza, along with tourists from all over the world, may enjoy the daytime queen parade, as they say "without make up". The various carriages representing each department with their queens and princesses parade along the main streets in the city waving to thank the cheering crowd.

  • Around the city

    Around the city

  • Enjoy the daytime queen parade

    Enjoy the daytime queen parade

  • Nobody wants to miss it

    Nobody wants to miss it

  • Parade in 1979

    Parade in 1979

The official balcony, where the provincial and national authorities stand, is one of them main points of the Carousel. The queens salute them and hand out presents, including grapes, melon, pear, wine and other products of mother nature conceived year after year thanks to the effort made by men and women.

That is what the Grape Festival is about.

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