San Martín’s Circuit

The Province of Mendoza, and especially its capital, takes pride in the heroic deeds carried out by General San Martín in order to free our neighboring countries. That is why, this national hero is remembered generously in squares and monuments.

Each of the actions that led General San Martín to carry out the heroic liberation of three neighboring countries stands out at the City of Mendoza, praised in spaces devoted to memory.

The most imposing of all those spaces may be the monument located at Cerro de la Gloria, raised as a homage to the Army of the Andes. Reaching the summit of San Martín Park and facing such allegory causes quite an impression, first because of the delightful work the Uruguayan sculptor known as Juan Manuel Ferrari did on stone and bronze. Then, every one of its friezes is dazzling. They give account of the steps taken in order to proceed to the crossing of the Andes and as a result of doing so.

Their symbology includes a message by the author. The spirit of freedom and the aid of an entire people who supported San Martín’s initiative are present at each set of sculptures.

  • Historical Apple Tree

    Historical Apple Tree

  • The Andes Flag Memorial

    The Andes Flag Memorial

  • Cerro de la Gloria

    Cerro de la Gloria

  • A homage to the Army of the Andes

    A homage to the Army of the Andes

  • Paraje Manzano Histórico

    Paraje Manzano Histórico

  • Mendoza City

    Mendoza City

The Andes Flag Memorial may be visited right opposite the house of government. It is quite moving to appreciate the patriotic feeling oozed by that space. The flag that accompanied the exploits and was then given to the people of Mendoza by General San Martín may be seen at this venue.

It is sheltered by a modern and stunning construction, guarded by the Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers. The votive flame and the phrase evoking the oath made by the Grand Captain on the field of El Plumerillo before marching produce a truly heartrending sensation.

General San Martín Library and Museum treasure his personal belongings. It may be visited at Paseo La Alameda. Relics from those days show his civil and military life. Elements owned by him and his wife Remedios de Escalada as well as uniforms from the liberating army are shown at the venue.

Likewise, there are monuments, museums and plates in several districts of the capital city and in the districts of Las Heras, Maipú, San Carlos, Tunuyán, to name a few. All of them pay tribute and immortalize the figure of General José de San Martín. Some houses or sites where he lived or just stayed have disappeared today. However, there is an insignia at each of them commemorating his struggling spirit, considering him a hero, even when the Province of Mendoza had not been created yet.

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