The Cuyo Past Museum

A real window into the past in the region of Cuyo. We observed valuable objects that give tetimony of the inhabitants of Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja in the XIX century.

When visiting Mendoza, we recommend a visit to the Cuyo Past Museum to learn about the roots of the peoples dwelling in these Argentinian latitudes.

The Dr. Edmundo Correas Cuyo Past Museum was inaugurated on May 24, 1967 as a necessary venue to show the regional history of the Provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja. This is the field specifically studied by the Board of Historical Studies of Mendoza. It works in the building once owned by don Francisco Civit, former governor of Mendoza, and it was declared National Historical Monument on November 12, 1970.

The museum occupies sixteen rooms and four courtyards. When touring around it, history seems to be recreated in the various environments evoking certain historical moments in the region. Period furniture, pictorial works, documents and daily objects are some of the elements that take the visitor back to the XIX century.

  • The religious room

    The religious room

  • Valuable objects that give tetimony

    Valuable objects that give tetimony

  • A real window into the past

    A real window into the past

In addition to making history more vivid, the aim of this venue is to preserve the objects inherited by the descendants and friends of the original owners. These items give valuable testimony of the past of Cuyo for present researchers and for future generations.

Some of the rooms include the archeological room, the room of oil in Mendoza, the religious room, the Cuyo room, the weapons’ room, the room dedicated to the Unitarian and Federal ideas, the Independence room, the civil governor room and -one of the most popular- the room devoted to Liberator Gral. don José de San Martín, where visitors may observe an exact replica of his curve saber.

Besides, it is important to point out that the museum also houses a library made up by more than 5,000 volumes and that it also includes a newspaper library, as well as an outstanding archive of documents recording facts and celebrities from Mendoza.

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Museo del Pasado Cuyano Dr. E. Correas

Montevideo 544, Mendoza, Mendoza, Agentina

Phone Phone: +54 261-4236031

DurationDuration: 2 hours
Opening hoursOpening hours: From February thru December, the museum is open from Mondays thru Friday, from 9am to 12.30pm.
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