Shopping Tour in Chile from the City of Mendoza

The great number of people crossing from Argentina to the various Chilean cities lying on the other side of the Andes with the purpose of buying products at a more convenient price could be defined as a “shopping boom”.

While in Mendoza, travelers may make the most of their stay to enjoy some of the countless outings available in the capital of the province and its surroundings. Its wine tours are becoming more and more renowned and the Grape Harvest Festival invites visitors to stay longer before crossing onto the neighboring country on a shopping tour.

When I'm on my way to Chile...

When reaching the high lands in the Province of Mendoza, we came across the international pass named Cristo Redentor, the best known and busiest access to Chilean destinations such as Santiago, the capital of the country.

The distance between the City of Mendoza and Santiago de Chile is barely 360 kilometers. The Cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, among the most famous, may also be reached through this pass.

  • The city of Mendoza

    The city of Mendoza

  • Santiago, capital of the country

    Santiago, capital of the country

  • Santiago, one of the most modern cities in the world

    Santiago, one of the most modern cities in the world

  • Great city trasandina

    Great city trasandina

  • The splendor of Santiago

    The splendor of Santiago

  • Ideal for tourism

    Ideal for tourism

Santiago is one of the most modern cities in the world. It has been designed and planned to prevent the effects of earthquakes, which usually hit this region. Shopping malls, large department stores and traditional street markets lure visitors with the wide array of devices and new electronic gadgets available, as well as apparel and footwear brands. Its museums, palaces and activities are an invitation to enjoy this city year round.

Valparaíso is an exotic and unusual city, with unique geographical features that combine the forest and the sea. Its architecture and its famed elevators represent wonderful sights.

Viña del Mar is much more than its legendary festival. A perfect seaside destination, this city has succeeded in mixing its charm and the luxuries of a big city. It is an ideal place to go shopping by the sea and its are amazing.

Across Cristo Redentor, Mendoza (Argentina)

Cristo Redentor International Pass joins the village of Villa Las Cuevas in Argentina and Los Andes in Chile. It is accessed through National Route 7 in Argentina. The road is fully paved and it is the most popular route to cross the Andes year round. It offers emblematic attractions, such as the tunnels, the access to Aconcagua National Park and the renowned Puente del Inca. All these are wonders of our prodigious nature.

Open to all vehicle categories, Customs and migration proceedings are carried out at the pass facilities. It is open 24/7. It is only closed in case of any inconvenience, usually in the winter, due to heavy snowfalls.

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