The Queens’ White Way

The Queens’ White Way is one of the essential components of the Grape Harvest Festival in Mendoza. The queens, chosen by the different districts of Mendoza, arrive in the city and parade before the audience on their floats.

When the sun sets and it starts to get dark, one of the most important traditions in the Grape Harvest Festival is about to begin: the Queens’ White Way.

Teeming with joy and holding banners and signs, thousands and thousands of people from all the districts in the Province of Mendoza long for the appearance of their own queens and princesses.

Carriages transporting the queens and their princesses parade in this event. There is one carriage per district. Besides, decorations and creativity are used to make everything perfect for each district to look as the nicest one, as the best.

  • Parade before the audience on their floats

    Parade before the audience on their floats

  • Decorations and creativity

    Decorations and creativity

  • The chosen ones

    The chosen ones

  • One from each city

    One from each city

  • The ritual is repeated caring for every detail

    The ritual is repeated caring for every detail

Every year, the ritual is repeated caring for every detail and, though many people may claim that it is repetitive, the parade and the relationship between the audience and the coaches is never the same. Passion always prevails and that is why this part of the great celebration is very popular among the audience.

The night is intact but it comes to an end. The last carriage moves down the street as the crowd applauds and cheers. It is time to start retiring. It is essential to get up early so as not to miss the Carrousel.

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