Concordia Hot Springs

Springs in the Concord, this was the name given to the first hot spring park in the city. Just 8 kilometers to the north, it is possible to relax and enjoy the hot spring baths in pools surrounded by a wonderful natural park.

In the Center of Attention
Concordia is located only 470 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires and 638 kilometers from the city of Córdoba. But from the point of view of the springs, Concordia is just in the middle of the Uruguay River Hot Spring Corridor.
This means that visitors may reach, either northwards or southwards, the hot spring cities that make up the map of the Province of Entre Ríos. Among these cities, to the north, is Chajarí, Federación or the Uruguayan springs in Salto or Daymán, while to the south, along the National Route 14, lies the city of Colón, and farther ahead, Gualeguaychú.
But undoubtedly, the Concordia hot springs are amongst the most picturesque. Having 6 pools with hot spring waters- one of them roofed-, this resort lies near a lake of unbelievable beauty where tourists can enjoy natural sunsets. A water circuit satisfies thousands of tourists from all around the country who visit these hot springs every weekend.

  • Surrounded by a wonderful natural park

    Surrounded by a wonderful natural park

  • Comes from the Guaraní Aquifer

    Comes from the Guaraní Aquifer

  • Detoxification, relax and give oneself over to pleasure

    Detoxification, relax and give oneself over to pleasure

  • Indoor pool

    Indoor pool

Springs in the Concord
To reach them, the journey has to begin in the city of Concordia. Visitors need to drive along National Route 14, which leads to the Salto Grande Dam, but turn into a detour marked with a sign indicating the entrance to the park.
Within the resort, there is a wide variety of activities and services in charge of the best professionals, who aim at providing visitors comfort and relax during their stay.
Thus, it is possible to enjoy the first hot spring pool entirely used for hydrotherapy, whose technique consists in the external application of the water on the body with therapeutic purposes, and due to this water properties, it is ideal to perform exercises to relax muscle tension and ensure wellbeing and pleasure, above all.
This water, like all the waters forming the Tourist Corridor in the Province of Entre Ríos, comes from the Guaraní Aquifer which rises naturally from drillings in the ground from 1200 to 1500 meters deep.

Waters flow at 45º C, but in the pools they range from 39º to 41º C. Their medicinal characteristics make it ideal for chronic and muscular and articulation affections in surgery recovery periods and traumatic injuries.
As sedatives, they are used in treating stress, while, if drunk in small doses, they neutralize gastric acidity and relieve dyspepsia and gastritis cases.
But, beyond their therapeutic properties, hot spring waters are useful to undergo detoxification, relax and give oneself over to pleasure. In Concordia, not only there is water but also the infrastructure and all the necessary services for guests to feel comfortable, like if they were at home but with hot spring waters.

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Concordia Hot Springs
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