Things to do in Concordia

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Concordia Carnival

The Carnival of Concordia is one of the most popular shows among locals and visitors from neighboring towns


Concordia Hot Springs

Springs in the Concord, this was the name given to the first hot spring park in the city. Just 8 kilometers to the north, it is possible to relax and enjoy the hot spring baths...

Contemplative Tourism

Concordia's Waterfront

The waterfront promenade was created as a series of well-designed inner circuits in an area by the river. The locals take pride in it and tourists enjoy it as well.


Del Ayui Hot Springs Acuatic Park and Punta Viracho Hot Springs

<p>Concordia's mineral waters are a natural resource that provides therapy and relaxation. Del Ayuí and Punta Viracho are the thermal parks that must be visited.</p>

Contemplative Tourism

El Palmar National Park

It is one of the paradisiacal spots in this country. It could be said that its origins are inexplicable, divine. Its endless palm trees and sunsets make visitors fall in love.

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Next to the Fall

The title summarizes the origin of this city. Concordia emerged on the banks of an unusual geographical feature formed by the Uruguay River: the famous <span style="font-style: italic;">Salto Grande</span> (Large Waterfall), today turned into a dam.

Contemplative Tourism

Retired from the Circus

Where do circus old animals go when they do not longer work? Is there any home for the elderly for a 46-year-old elephant? Where does a Bengal tiger go when he can no longer jump?

Contemplative Tourism

Salto Grande Dam, A Bridge between Two Nations

The purpose of the visit to the hydroelectric plant is to spread the word about the work done by the binational organization in order to operate and maintain an entity that supplies energy to two countries.


The Largest Dorados in the World

Concordia became famous for being one of the best fisheries for dorados in the Uruguay River. Today, the Salto Grande dam has represented a little help. A prize almost divine.

Contemplative Tourism

Tourism in Entre Ríos, "a different land"

No sooner is this province mentioned than we immediately think about the Littoral, the colors of its carnivals, the spectacular sizes of their fish, its benevolent hot spring waters and its beaches packed with visitors...

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