Retired from the Circus

There might be several answers, but in Concordia, there is a kind of zoo and an educational farm where the only requirement for animals is to be old. Very old…

Enrimir’s Arc
Enrimir’s Arc is a project by Lázaro Diego Zipitria’s. Throughout all his life, Lázaro has belonged to one of the most important circus families in Latin America, and one day he decided to settle down in Concordia. But not alone, in the company of his pets.
The idea emerged as from a tale, but it is becoming true little by little. “Where do animals go when they retire?" he thought one cold winter night while warming his hands in a bonfire, and the answer came up immediately.
“It is necessary to set up a zoo for retired animals, so that they can get back the love they used to give during the shows back from children and adults" our friend thought.
  • Attractive characters

    Attractive characters

  • Bengal tigers

    Bengal tigers

  • The wonders of nature

    The wonders of nature

  • A place to visit with family

    A place to visit with family

There is Life in the Old Dog Yet
Today, a 46-year-old elephant is stretching out while far away two Bengal tigers are walking and remembering some anecdote or pirouette they can not perform today.
An old monkey walks around the cage making faces and seeking for complicity in front of a group of children who feed him, while in the next cage a group of Brown Capuchin monkeys is trying to eat an entire load of oranges that was given to them.
In another cage, three jaguars bred in captivity move around in a feline gait as they should do in the warm valleys or in the Misiones rainforest. The idea of raising them considers the possibility of taking them back to nature, although we should find out whether it is possible. The experts have the true answer.
Near them, three papagayos and four old parrots talk about the same old topics.

Ecological Reserve and Educational Farm.
The truth is that every weekend of the year, hundreds of children arrive in this site to learn about nature at the time they observe that old age is still an attraction when looking at animals.
In Concordia there is a zoo a few minutes away from the city open for all ages. The youngest enjoy seeing the eldest clowning around.
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Useful Data

Bear in mind: Elementary school or high school groups visit the zoo all year round to show the students these real superheroes. It is advisable to make prior reservations.



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