Concordia's Waterfront

Surrounded by green vegetation and flower beds, the coastline boulevard provides a space for several sport activities and even invites visitors to spend long hours on the beach.

Not only on weekends does Concordia's promenade get crowded with people but it has also become a habit for people to approach it at any time of the day and even late at night to go for a ride, sit down and drink some mate or just play the guitar.

Taking advantage of an afternoon in which temperature let us walk in the sun, we followed the shore of the Uruguay River towards the southeastern part of town. We toured along its twelve blocks of length in order to see the surroundings in detail and discover every corner, raised with a clear purpose.

“Years ago, this used to be an abandoned area and nobody ever visited it because it was dirty and forgotten. Fortunately, the authorities resolved to take care of the river erosion and the changes of level that took place after the dam was set up and they recovered this place as a recreational area”. That was what a local told us when we asked.

  • Waterfront for all

    Waterfront for all

  • Arenitas Blancas viewpoint

    Arenitas Blancas viewpoint

  • Beach


  • The coastline boulevard provides a space

    The coastline boulevard provides a space

  • The shore of the Uruguay River

    The shore of the Uruguay River

We strolled around, hands in our pockets, avoiding girls and boys that were rollerskating past us with complete skill.

We walked along undulated trails through neat gardens decorated with colorful flowerbeds. The white pergolas matched the wall that separates the area from the river in certain parts. The whole set is very picturesque and highly appreciated by the local denizens, who usually crowd this place in search of outdoor activities.

But the best was yet to come. During our walk, we came to two beaches: Nebel and Los Sauces. The former was packed with people and it was hard for us to find a place to sit. We drank some mate at an area with tables and benches right in front of the river. The view of the Uruguayan City of Salto was imposing and we stayed there beholding it for a long while.

Afterwards, we started our way back and at sunset we came to Los Sauces, where two large willows whose branches reach the water in the shore give name to that beach. Its white sand makes this swim hole even more coveted. This is also the seat of the most traditional pubs, coffee-houses and restaurants. The hues of dusk tinged our afternoon with a memorable quality.

In the evenings, everything changes. The lights in the street and the cars passing by provide a different dimension to the scene and it becomes as fascinating as it is during the day. This is the meeting point for the young.

The riverfront boasts its landscape architecture and everyone has incorporated this green lung at the side of the Uruguay River into their daily lives, especially in the spring and summertime.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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