Del Ayui Hot Springs Acuatic Park and Punta Viracho Hot Springs

Very close to Concordia, there is also a new hot spring resort on the lakeshore at Salto Grande. A reason for Entre Ríos to feel proud.

When the works for what would come to be the Salto Grande Dam began, the hot spring waters emerged everywhere. Even if at the time this event was merely anecdotal, later on it would represent a new kind of tourist exploitation in the region.

Practically the entire territory surrounding the Salto Grande reservoir has hot spring waters and this became the interest of investors and hotel and restaurant businessmen to build a future tourist destination by the dam. This turned out to be one of the major bets in the Province of Entre Ríos today.

As a result, the Del Ayuí hot springs resort was built and “blessed water” started to flow from the excavations, luring tourism of several generations year round to this beautiful province where carnivals, fishing and beaches teeming with people in the summer abound.

  • On the lakeshore at Salto Grande

    On the lakeshore at Salto Grande

  • Blessed water

    Blessed water

  • A great undertaking

    A great undertaking

  • A reason for Entre Ríos to feel proud

    A reason for Entre Ríos to feel proud

Once the groundwater was reached, the hot waters sprang to the surface with a temperature of approximately 50 º C, among the highest in this thermal province. The idea is to redistribute this water all around various public and private undertakings on the shores of the lake on the Argentinian side (something very similar to what happens in Termas de Río Hondo, Santiago del Estero).

The dream of Villa Salto Grande, in the Province of Entre Ríos, is coming true….

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Del Ayuí Hot Springs (Perilago de Salto Grande)
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