The Calm We Need

Within the tourist resort El Molino there is one of the best Spas in the city of Victoria. La Calma is a place where it is still possible to relax and forget about everything

Living in a Hurry

In big metropolises, such as Buenos Aires or Rosario in our country, routine makes it easy to forget about ourselves and our goals in life.

Victoria is one of those places in which rural kindness can make us forget almost everything. As soon as we got into La Calma Spa, we made an appointment with the manager in order to know all the options available for guests.

“The idea is to relax, to feel again, to enjoy doing nothing, to listen to the sounds of the body, the sensations, to search for the inner true, this is what our offer is all about” was the explanation provided by Belquis, our guide in this beautiful and pleasant site.

With paintings of Greek women that match harmoniously with the environment, the place is perfect to combine rest with mental and physical relaxation.

Relaxing is Healthy

Reiki, sauna, Jacuzzi, Scottish shower, facial and body care, mud therapy, and of course, relaxing massage are some of the options. Feet reflexology, massage with aromatic essence and body and facial aesthetic care are the favorite therapies for visitors.

Unlike any other Spa, one of the advantages of La Calma is its open-to-the-general-public policy, which allows any person visiting Victoria to make an appointment and take some time to relax.

One hour is enough to return to daily activities feeling totally relaxed.

Autor Pablo Etchevers

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