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The City of Rosario is one of the main urban centers in the country since it is located in a strategic position regarding the MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market) and this fact places it in an important industrial and tourist level. Furthermore, the denizens of this city located in the area known as the Argentinian Littoral take pride in its hotel infrastructure.

Situated in the Province of Santa Fe, Rosario is 300 km away from the Federal District of Argentina.

Rosario City borders on the Paraná River to the East where boats with important draught arrive since its navigability conditions are great. To the North and South, it borders respectively on the Ludueña and Saladillo Streams, which also cross the city from west to east. The relief of this area is an undulating plain and the climate is hot with average maximum temperatures of 24º C and average minimum temperatures of 12º C.
Rosario is linked with the rest of the country through many national and provincial routes. Apart from that, there is a well known airport only 13 km away from the city center operating a high number of flights.

Offering an interesting tourist infrastructure, Rosario invites to be visited through the many historical circuits that keep undamaged the different architectonic styles from the beginning of the XX century.

The Monumento a la Bandera (Monument to the Flag) is the starting point to a walk around the city center. Costa Alta and Embarcadero Resorts are chosen to go for walks along the ravines of the river in the sunset. The Parque Independencia (Independence Park) and La Florida Beach are other important sites where tourists can go on bike rides, horse riding excursions or practise canoeing among other activities.

Nightlife in Rosario deserves a special mention since it is busy and lively, providing the ideal atmosphere to enjoy joyful moments in bars, pubs or discos.

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