Mocona Falls (photo: Jorge González)Mocona Falls (photo: Jorge González)

The region of Moconá lies on the banks of the Uruguay River. It includes the area of the provincial park bearing the same name in the central-eastern part of the Province of Misiones. The most popular natural attraction for tourists is the Moconá Falls.

Warm, wild and humid like Iguazú in the north, this area is crossed by rivers and it turns to be ideal for the practice of adventure activities. The small district of El Soberbio is the main service provider when it comes to accommodation and gastronomy in this zone.

Tours and Activities

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The River that Swallows Everything: The Mocona Falls

Imagining that the course of a river falls sideways sounds illogical, as if it was a description in a science fiction story. But such a place exists and it is called Saltos del Moconá.

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Navigation at the Moconá Falls

This is the tour everyone who comes to the City of El Soberbio wishes to take. It leads to Moconá Provincial Park first, where a RIB carries passengers up to the falls.

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Little Great Rural City

This district is the access gate to Saltos del Moconá and it offers its quiet streets and its friendly denizens always willing to help visitors around.

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Aromas of the Rainforest

Small-scale farmers plant their plots with aromatic species, just like they used to plant yerba, tobacco, peteribí and lapacho in the past.

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Photos (1): Jorge González
Photos (2): Pablo Etchevers