El Soberbio / Saltos del Moconá

El Soberbio / Saltos del Moconá El Soberbio: Saltos del Moconá (photo: Jorge González)

The Guaraníes who used to dwell in this area named the famous falls on the Uruguay River when its water volume is low Moconá. This phenomenon causes the river waters to fall onto themselves.

Moconá stands for "that which swallows everything" in the Guaraní tongue. Visitors just need to pay a visit to this location in order to realize how true this name holds: the river, the powerful Uruguay River, runs narrow and deep with so much strength that it creates the sensation of swallowing itself.

The Moconá Falls, located in central east , are one of the most delightful attractions in the province (besides the already famous Iguazú Falls) and they are unique in the world. They manage a harmonious combination of the protagonism of the waterfalls and one of the most unspoiled rainforests in the country: Yabotí Biosphere Reserve.

The entire area where the Moconá Falls are located is protected by the name of Moconá Provincial Park and these rainforest scenes (hot and wet) crossed by crystal-clear rivers were the perfect location for various undertakings and accommodation venues to settle down in the last few years in order to satisfy the hotel demand by tourists coming from all over the world.

From the famous lodges hidden in the rainforest to the coziest inns and cabins, located in the proximity of the waterfalls or on the very waterfront route -number 2- that joins Moconá Provincial Park and the small city known as El Soberbio, the whole area features various tourist services to spend the night, enjoy adventure activities or else have a break and be carried away by the quietness of so much green.

The City of El Soberbio (which lies 80 kilometers away from the falls) is the access gate to this tourist attraction and an ideal site for those who wish to have services such as restaurants, hotels, casino, travel agencies, tourist information office and other tourist operators ready to show visitors around the area at an arm's reach.

Other neighboring townships, such as San Pedro or San Vicente, also invite tourists to visit and enjoy other attractions in this beautiful still unspoilt region while staying there.

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