San Ignacio

Model of San Ignacio Ruins (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)Model of San Ignacio Ruins (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)

The main tourist attraction in the Region of San Ignacio is represented by the ruins of the Jesuit reduction at San Ignacio Miní. They are well-preserved and have become World Cultural Heritage.

The fact that the Paraná River lies very close turns this area into a perfect destination for angling enthusiasts. The main city is also named San Ignacio and it is the starting point for other interesting visits, such as Peñón del Teyucuaré and Horacio Quiroga’s house museum.

Tours and Activities

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Horacio Quiroga's House

The author of the famous book Jungle Tales lived in Misiones, amidst his madness, his passion for literature and, of course, his love for the magic of this nook in Misiones. Here is his house.

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San Ignacio Ruins - Jesuit Missions

A tour around the beginnings of American history. We visited the San Ignacio Miní Jesuit mission and we learned about its days of glory and subsequent disappearance.

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