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The plantations of yerba mate is highly appreciated at Apóstoles, National Capital of this plant from which the popular Argentinian, Uruguayan and Brazilian hot beverage is made. This destination is accessed through Provincial Route 1 and National Route 105 from Posadas, capital city of Province, which stands 66 kilometers away. Visitors are welcomed by a large portal.

Jesuit reductions were settled in this area in 1638 and the city has been named after one of them, which did not persist like those established in San Ignacio, 100 kilometers farther.

The present population of Apóstoles settled down there in the late nineteenth century. Polish and Ukranian immigrants contributed their culture, music and rural tasks. Juan Szychowski Museum, founded by a pioneer, provides answers to all the questions that arise about this place.

The yerba circuit shows visitors around the craft industry. The local venues offer very interesting guided tours that include every stage in the production, from the crops to the final drying process. A house known as Casa del Mate, where tourist information is also provided, is located on the pedestrian street in the urban area. Likewise, the Expo Yerba show and monuments that celebrate mate, the Polish cart and the tarefero (harvester) are situated nearby. This beverage, the protagonist during a chat with friends, provides natural properties and has even given origin to the so-called mate-bars.

The National and International Yerba Mate Festival is organized at Apóstoles every spring. This has been the main event in the city for almost forty years. Stalls, technological workshops about the different elaboration processes and much fun are part of this celebration. Also, artistic performances, music and dancing are the closing for every night the event lasts.

Inside Centenario Park, very close to Expo Yerba, there is an ecologic reserve known as Tpambae. A wide variety of wildlife species are on display there.

One of the main attractions near the city is Parque Provincial de la Sierra Ing. Raúl Martínez Crovetto, which represents the mix rainforest containing specimens of urunday, cinnamon tree, laurel and guatambú. A primitive camping site and a park ranger station await by the local cascades and creeks.

Every year, the Municipality organizes the event known as Motoencuentro, attended by motorbike riders from Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay. Two-wheel enthusiasts share news, shows and the election of their queen.

The climate in Apóstoles is mild with average annual temperatures of 22 degrees Celcius and rainfalls in January and October. The red soil, as well as the visits to local estancias offering a slow pace and discreet lifestyle, links it to neighboring towns.

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