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Montecarlo lies on the shores of the Paraná River and it is joined to the capital of the province through National Route 12. Posadas stands 180 kilometers away and Puerto Iguazú (Waterfalls), 245 kilometers.

Nestled in the heart of the rainforest in , its population is made up by people of Germanic and Ukrainian descent, just like in other cities of this area. Its subtropical climate makes it a humid and warm place, with no dry season.

Its proximity to the Paraná River makes fishing and nautical activities popular year round. One main attraction is represented by Isla Caraguatay Provincial Park, which is open to the community and offers recreation spaces at the same time it preserves the environment.

Montecarlo Anglers’ Club is reached through Libertador Avenue. It is located at the point where the artery metes the river. Boats to go out on an excursion or else try to catch some dorado specimen are offered for rent at this location. Likewise, visitors may enjoy its Sandy beach and the cuisine of its restaurant.

Montecarlo is considered the Argentinian Capital of Orchids and the Provincial Capital of Flowers. Every year in October, celebrations are held at Juan Vortisch Park. This event is attended by many tourists. Native as well as exotic flowers add up beauty to this place. Visits are usually paid to the different orchid nurseries in the city, where that eye-catching flower is for sale and information about it is properly provided.

There are venues devoted to yerba, tea, wood and fruit production, which make up the main source of income for the local population. Some of them are open to visitors.

Another attraction in the city is the Aquarium, a theme park that provides data about the species dwelling in local rivers and creeks. Also, the presence of a Vegetable Labyrinth, considered the most complete in South America, is a reason for the local denizens to take pride in.

Sunshine, swim holes and good vibes await visitors at Montecarlo.

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