Jardín América

Jardín América Jardín América

In the heart of the rainforest, the city called Jardín América stands out for its mild climate and outdoor activities. National Route 12 joins it with Posadas (100 kilometers away) as well as Puerto Iguazú and the waterfalls (200 kilometers away) and its urban layout is divided in two different sections.

This modern city boasts diagonal streets, shady squares and a youthful and lively spirit. Its customs, music, religion and culture have been influenced by Germanic and Ukrainian immigrants who arrived in the mid twentieth century. Oasis, the first settlement of European colonists, lies to the north.

A large number of creeks empty their waters in the plentiful Paraná River, giving origin to areas of lush native vegetation. Tabay Waterfalls stand out. They are very popular in the summer as it features swim holes with plenty of shade and comfortable services. Visitors generally use the cascades as a natural hydro-massage therapy. These features replace the beach on the main river during the flooding.

There are activities for all ages. Adventure alternatives for the young and quieter contemplation options for the middle aged and the elderly. Hiking, Tyrolean crossing and mountain biking may be practiced along the red soil trails, surrounded by large tree species. Timbó is the most highly appreciated due to its large and cozy canopy that keeps the summer heat away. Angling and several nautical sports are practiced in at this village.

The Tourist Festival and the Región de los Saltos y Cascadas Show are held on the third weekend of January at the municipal campsite. Other important dates include the Root Communities Provincial Festival in November and the Carnival in February. The Olimpo, Timbó and Jardín comparsas boast their floats, queens and catchy music.

Jardín América has a natural environment that lures visitors year round and it presents itself as a classic tourist destination with a wide array of accommodation venues, as well as a camping site. The presence of youth during the high season has made it essential to incorporate nightlife options: cybercafés, discos and street artists are some of them.

Jardín América

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