Aristóbulo del Valle

Aristóbulo del Valle Aristóbulo del Valle

Aristóbulo del Valle is a city in the center of the . Featuring fertile soil, this land is devoted to yerba mate, tea and tobacco plantations as well as cattle raising. It stands 140 kilometers from Posadas, accessible either through National Route 12 or 14.

Its community is formed by Germanic, Ukrainian and Polish descendants. The immigrants used to work the land from the moment they settled down in the area. This place has become a tourist destination in the last few years.

Lineal Cainguás Park, which has perfectly combined traffic with typical tree species and wood carved sculptures, stands out in the urban zone. In turn, this is integrated with the so-called Jardín de las Palmeras (Palm-tree Garden).

There is a reason for it to be called the National Capital of Falls and Cascades. Several creeks and slopes have given origin to a sequence of eye-catching falls amidst the rainforest typical of Misiones. Many of these water bodies invite visitors to bathe and enjoy the surroundings, whether to spend one day or their entire holidays.

The most significant one is Salto Encantado (Enchanted Fall), on Cuña Pirú Creek inside the provincial park bearing the same name. Several strategic vantage points, the constant chirping of the birds and the shade of guatanbú, lapacho, cedars and caña fistula protecting the footbridges complete the view. The water from the creek falls down a 60-meter high cliff and reaches a pool at the bottom making a spectacular sound. It is lit at night.

But this is not the only one. Other minor waterfalls, such as Salto Escondido (Hidden Fall), Picaflor (Hummingbird), Acutí, Alegre (Joyful), Piedras Blancas (White Stones), Berrondo and La Olla (The Pot) exist in the surroundings. Coatis wander around the area without fear and they certainly make this place more interesting.

There are some camping sites, natural pools and cabins to enjoy a quiet stay or alternative activities such as rappelling, 4WD tours or mountain biking upstream.

When choosing to spend some relaxation days at Aristóbulo del Valle, visitors enjoy outdoor life and the wild scenery. Everything has been designed for travelers to be amused according to their own preferences and physical possibilities.

Aristóbulo del Valle

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