San Ignacio

San Ignacio San Ignacio

San Ignacio is one of the most popular destinations in the . Visitors are lured by the Jesuit ruins this small city has treasured for centuries.

San Ignacio is the head of the district. Accessed through National Route 12, it is connected with the Districts of Santa Ana and Posadas on the southwest and with well-known Puerto Iguazú on the northeast.

Tourists may be delighted by , whose ruins are well preserved and succeed in transporting us back to the days when they were dwelled by priests and Guaraní natives, in the time of the conquest.

The Ruins of San Ignacio were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1984, and the funds raised by the charged access to the park and the guided tours represent one of the main sources of income for the city.

San Ignacio lies just 3 kilometers away from the Paraná River margin. Therefore, its shores, along with Yabebirí Creek, are used as swim holes. This is also an ideal scene for angling as gorgeous specimens of dorado and surubí -the most important fish in the so-called Argentinian littoral area- are caught.

Other attractions include Peñón del Teyucuaré Provincial Park and the , where he got the inspiration to create most of his popular rainforest stories.

For all these reasons and many others, whoever tours around the Province of Misiones cannot miss a visit to San Ignacio, a small urban settlement that perfectly exhibits the rural idiosyncrasy of the inhabitants of this region of northeastern Argentina.

San Ignacio

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