Eldorado Eldorado - Photos 1: Marcelo Sola / 2 y 3: Jorge González
Situated 206 km away from Posadas City and 100 km away from Iguazú Falls through Nº 12 National Route, Eldorado is the third city in .

It is known as "The city of the long street" due to fact that it is settled along Alto Paraná River and is 14 kilometres long.

The geography of the area presents changing narrow passes and the climate is subtropical warm and humid without dry season and with rains in abundance, mainly in Spring.
The regional economy is supported by products from farming sites where tung, oranges, grapefruit and mate are grown.

Eldorado is becoming an important touristic place due to its port and Paraná navigability where sport fishing of dorado is allowed. One can also hunt tapir, deer and wild boars.

Schwelm Park has an area that offers camping sites, sport areas and a room where archaeological pieces are shown.

Other interesting places to visit are Pira Guazú and Pira Miní Streams where rafting, canoe or four track activities can be carried out . Apart from that, only a few kilometres away from Eldorado you can do agrotourism in various farms thought for this aim.

If you want to be in contact with nature , Eldorado is the best place to choose and spend your holidays.


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