Rada Tilly Village

The vast shore and a tide change that uncovers the beach provide the chance to practice several sports in the company of the sea foam.

In the center of Gulf San Jorge lies Villa Rada Tilly, nestled by a steep hill and two geographical features that get deep into the ocean territory: Punta Piedras to the North and Punta del Marqués to the South. At the beginning, this used to be the beach visited by the society of Comodoro Rivadavia. For many years now, it has been brought to life by the denizens of Rada Tilly themselves.

During a short stroll around its streets, we noticed that the urban layout includes many houses with ample gardens and very few tall buildings. There are squares full of trees and green hues that provide shade during the intense summer. However, its principal attraction lies on the shore.

We came close to the ocean drive and went on a long walk that took us an entire afternoon. We caught a different glimpse of the surrounding high plateau. Its broad shores of firm fine sand was the scene for youths to practice beach and nautical sports. We watched a beach volleyball match and were amused by the kayaks and the jet skis in the water. The local wind is the main propeller of two very common activities: windsurfing and wind car racing. The residents of this village are fans of the latter and famous national and international competitions take place at this very spot.

We also visited several viewpoints that featured spectacular panoramic sights of the horizon and the seashore. From a distance, we spotted the wind park and Punta del Marqués natural area, which we scheduled for another visit.

Afterwards, we accepted the invitation to go on an ATV ride. This means of transport is very frequent amidst the locals. We saw it parked at almost every house. We enjoyed the great sensation of feeling the breeze on our faces and the purring of the powerful engines.

We were told that the district population has increased and that there is a high influx of tourists during the summertime, who come lured by the services provided. Many youths who feel enthusiastic for adventure sports and sunshine find an ideal tourist destination in Rada Tilly, where they choose to spend their vacations by the sea. It is during this season that the sky gets covered in a thousand colors by the wind car racing and paraglide sails.

Autor Mónica Pons

How to get hereHow to get here: Take National Route 3 southwards. Rada Tilly lies 17 kilometers away from the City of Comodoro Rivadavia, in the center of Gulf San Jorge.
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